WizIQ Launches A New Meeting And Web/Video Conferencing Tool “WizIQ Meet”

The business culture has evolved dramatically in the past few years. An increasing number of businesses have embraced hybrid work which is even earlier than the COVID-19 epidemic. With a few many years of working from home experience, some workers are beginning to seek out jobs that allow them to work at home even if that means getting new jobs.

WizIQ Meet"

What Exactly Is Web Conferencing Software?

Web conferencing software falls under an umbrella term that encompasses audio conferencing, video conference platforms, virtual meetings as well as collaboration tools, and remote conference software.

Video conferencing software provides participants the chance to connect in person despite the distance, and audio conferencing software offers conference calling capabilities to organizations for less cost than those offered by landline phone services.

Utilizing Video Conferencing To Collaborate

Let’s say you’ve stumbled across an online video conferencing service that you like. What do you do now? Begin by recognizing that video conferencing isn’t more about high-end, intelligent conference rooms.

WizIQ Meet is in the making, and your video conferencing solution will become the engine of this model. WizIQ web-based conferencing software permits participants to hold or attend meetings on the internet.

This is also referred to as an online software for meetings, or often, simply video conference itself. It allows remote meetings using video streaming as well as instant messaging, file share as well as screen sharing.

The most important three benefits of making use of WizIQ Meet web and video software for conferencing are:

·         Improved communications

·         Simplify Management and Usability

·         Improved efficiency

The Main Features Of Web-Based Conferencing Software

WizIQ Meet

1.      Collaboration Tools

Web conferencing has many features that software can be compared to collaboration tools. Nowadays, companies are driven by improving communication between employees as well as transparency and collaboration with audio and video conferencing is only a small portion.

2.      Annotations And White Boards

As increasing numbers of teams collaborate remotely and online, the demand for software that mimics the features of a physical space for meetings has increased. White boards in video conferences allow presenters to write, draw, or type and clearly communicate their ideas in real-time.

3.      Webinars

There are webinar functions available for companies in numerous web-based conferencing software applications designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses however; some small-sized tools for business can be modified to webinars with 50 or more participants.

4.      File Sharing

One of the most important features of collaboration tools is collaboration tools that allow teams to share files, store and retrieve documents all from a central place. This helps teams remain connected to the correct files and documents without having to send many emails.

5.      Meetings Scheduled And Calendar Integration

Web-based conference applications typically include a scheduled meeting or integration with your calendar feature that can help users organize meetings and send meetings links to attendees.

Picking The Right Web Conference Software For Your Company

Instead of chasing brands or the latest software that everyone else is using, take note of the current requirements of your team and the kinds of features you’ll need when you expand. WizIQ Meet web-based conferencing application includes everything you require today, and has the potential to develop into a more advanced tool.


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