What to do When Employer Thinks You’re not Fulfilling Expectations?

Job searching and receiving an offer for a position you are interested in can help you advance your career. Although, there can be times when the job does not go as planned. It can be due to various reasons, like the job posting not suiting the tasks you’ll have once you are hired or your colleagues being difficult to work with.

If some members of your team are not performing at their best, it can affect morale and your company’s ultimate goals. Finding a solution to the problem is crucial and fair for both you and the unproductive employee.

Each manager will have to deal with an unproductive employee at some stage in their career.

This article will explain some ways to manage this situation when you can get a bad performance review.

Some Best Ways to Manage this Situation

Here are several best ways to manage this situation which includes:

1. Mentally prepare yourself before the conversation

Before you go into the meeting, tell yourself that no matter how it goes, it’s only a meeting about one person’s opinion about your performance. Performance conversations are just a way for you to get information and feedback on how you are doing in a specific role at the organization. It’s not a judgment of your value or how you’d do in a different role or with another organization. Do not take the feedback too severely. Instead, use their suggestions to better your job performance and relationships with coworkers.

2. Take a genuine look in the mirror

It is difficult to admit that we can be struggling at the workplace or that our performance isn’t up to scratch. Once you’ve had a heart to heart with yourself, be clear about whether or not your manager’s point of view is valid. If there is one and you want to keep your job, take steps to improve.

  1.  Think before you react

When you get negative feedback for bad work performance, it might bring up a lot of emotions. If it occurs to you, take a deep breath and count to three before reacting with an outburst which could exacerbate the situation. It’s ideal for listening to your boss’s suggestions and giving yourself some days to process the information before responding or reacting.

4. Ask your boss for a performance improvement plan

If you think that your manager’s points are valid, ask for a performance improvement plan clarifying particular goals and targets. Ensure you are lined up with your boss in specific ways to boost your work performance. The objectives and goals must be precise and measurable; with a deadline for achieving them – the more detailed they are, the more apparent it will be that you have achieved them as asked.

5. Keep the communication open

Ask your boss about setting up some frequent meetings with them to discuss your growth and current performance. Keeping in touch with your boss daily is helpful based on performance, specifically when performance is a problem.

6. Seek training and education

Ask your boss for training or resource recommendations, which can help you better in the working environments recognized as issue areas. You can also want to conduct an online search or get advice from your colleagues. This kind of action shows effort and a genuine concern about your work productivity.

7. Ask friends or colleagues for an assessment

If you disagree with your manager’s judgment about your performance, seek advice from some trustworthy friends and colleagues. You are aiming for genuine feedback to see if other people see what your boss sees. You can discover areas for improvement or changes that you have to make in your current role based on their feedback to get back on the path. You can also determine that you have to change careers or positions for a new organization.

8. Work with a career or personal coach

Think about recruiting a career or personal coach to assist you if you have trouble at work and genuinely want to improve. Conduct an online search for a local job or private coach in your region, or ask your network for recommendations. Most coaches work remotely through mobile, so that you may end up extending your search beyond your local area to discover the correct coach to match your requirements and budget.

9. Be honest and ask for what you need

You can’t be shocked by your boss’s dissatisfaction because it’s similar. If you want to remain in your current role for a more extended period and make it work, be genuine with your boss and ask for whatever you need, such as clarifying tasks and responsibilities. It is pretty hard to do your job effectively if you don’t know what you’re meant to be doing.

10. Be open if personal issues are impacting your job

Think about sharing the high points of this with your boss if the performance problems are new because of some personal issues you are struggling with, such as a divorce, private or family disease, or some other life-impacting event. You don’t have to go into brief detail, but life occurs, and many supervisors will provide you some breathing space and time to manage your private concerns, knowing that your performance will return to normal once the problems are resolved.

11. Wave the white flag and look for another job

For a successful career, finding the right match is necessary. If your performance is hurting due to your dissatisfaction with your current job or company, then start putting together your résumé and advertising materials so that you can apply for new positions and organizations that are a better match for you.

Some Key Takeaways

Each manager will have to deal with an unproductive employee at some stage in their career. But no boss wants to deal with poor performance, but you must learn how to deal with a weak employee in significant ways which are helpful to you and the individual. 

If your current company’s job is not oriented to your long-term goals, consider taking immediate measures. Give yourself time and think about where you’d like to be in the next few years. Feel free to contact JobsPivot for more jobs in singapore and for more job opportunities

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