What Are The 5 Components Of Educational Technology?

Education technology is required to be evaluated from a holistic and comprehensive perspective. This is an ever-evolving and dynamically progressing concept. Education technology engraves significant elements of data collection, analyzing the content, developing details as per specification and implementation of innovative ideas for improved outcomes. 

This also comes with a constant process of evaluation and examining gray areas for significant improvement. Educational technology platforms can be used to make multiple study materials. 

Some of these reference materials include learning apps, learner’s guides, educational platforms and 3-D visual aid. This holistic approach in itself can be deemed as a competent approach for enabling enhanced and worthwhile teaching experience. 

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Educational Technology

Why Is Educational Technology The Need Of The Hour?

The educational system came to a halt due to the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students in many countries face a lot of challenges in coping with the knowledge gap created due to breaks in their studies. 

This is with times like these, the role of technology surfaces up as a savior. The use of educational technology can be useful in meeting up to the needs of distant learners while assisting them to stay up to pace with the ongoing educational provisions and syllabus. 

Having mentioned the vital importance of educational technology for students, here are some reasons as to why technology in the education sector can be considered as the need of the hour:

Educational Technology


Constant Collaboration- 

This helps provide a common ground for connective and collaborative learning for the students and teachers. Sharing vital information also becomes quite easy and readily available. 

Various Information Sources- 

As a student, you do not need to stop when it boils down to exploring the details through online mediums. The use of multiple user-interface platforms helps you connect well with the subject matter and makes you stay ahead of your game. You can easily obtain IT assignment help from various sources on the internet.  

Digital Contribution- 

Students can also be a major contributor to the whole progress initiative. Digital media has enlarged the scope and bounds of educational learning. 

Future Preparation- 

It is not that far that technology will take up every walk of our lives. To stay on top and focused, one is required to develop individually and as a part of a group as well. Scrolling and navigating through these resources can be useful for students to test their own limits as part of self-reflection. As their panels are quite user-friendly, they can assist the students with fundamental steps and take them to greater heights of learning. 

Learning Styles- 

Each of these sources can offer a unique and different style of learning. Due to the flexible approach of accessibility, the students can learn and grasp technical details at their own pace. Adaptation as per convenience enables students with a protective niche of learning and grooming as an individual. 

Enhancing Creativity- 

The Internet is what you make of it. With freedom of exploration, students might often feel free of the shackles of the foundations of learning. This also makes learning fun and intriguing process for students. 

The boundaries of time and resource limitations are effectively trimmed down with the process of digital learning for the students. Freedom of learning and comprehension as per individual perception can result in better learning than monotonous and orthodox classroom teaching methods. 

Effective Relevance- 

Education technology ensures teaching through modern methods. This makes it more relevant as per the need of the hour. Students can learn on a pro-bono basis while staying up-to-date with the recent trends and technologies. 

It also makes up for the dynamic demands of the curriculum while ensuring a safe space for personal growth for students. Modern methods such as audio podcasts are an excellent source of assignment help online for students. 


What Are The Five Essential Components Of Educational Technology?

Educational technology is not just an innovative term; rather, it has various essential elements. These five major elements of educational technology include the following details:

Educational Technology


Hardware can be deemed a significant part of computer technology based on the functioning of types of equipment and electronic devices. Hardware can be observed in the form of computers, projectors, laptops, LED screens for projection or the use of audio-visual aids. 

The use of these hardware varies from one target population group to another. The preferential choice of hardware is also based on the number of people within a group to be taught. However, it is safe to agree that each of these technologies is an integral part of daily routine. 


These elements are rather more specific as peruse and application. Software are generally designed as per audience specifications and study demands. For instance, the recent trend of online applications that helps in solving complex math problems within a fraction of seconds. 

These platforms also enable a one-on-one human interaction which nullifies all possible barriers of communication. The best feature is the use of artificial intelligence that controls and solves multiple tasks from the backend. This further assists in untangling the tenaciousness caused due to additional ad hoc tasks management. 

Implementation Technique- 

Now, this is a tricky part. To ensure specific outcomes, use of specific and customized tools should be used. This also helps deliver a directional approach to the project, which is evidence-based. Essential tools can be helpful in defining a landmark when it comes to competent learning. 

Constant application and grooming of facilities can be resourceful in improving the memory and cognitive skills of the students. This is the most effective method for improving learning outcomes through program drive resources. 

Management and Workforce-

 Any forum and panel of technology require a certain hub of manpower to manage the details comprehensively. This manpower in education technology can be considered teachers, students, and even working staff that manages the adhoc details for comprehension. 

A robust set of skills are required by the manpower engaged in any task or activity. This is required to handle the task tassel-free while anticipating maximum positive outcomes post-implementation. 

The learning process is a whole and is not a task of one man. Teamwork thus makes up for an integral part of the process to ensure reaching up to designated destination when it boils down to use and application of educational technology. 

Constant Evaluation- 

Just like students are given an examination to test their knowledge and grasp the depth of fundamentals, and educational technology cannot be groomed without constant efforts. There are certain checklists that assist you with keeping track of your progress. 

This also helps in providing discernment and awareness regarding the faults and pinpoints with the structure. The learning outcomes of any educational process are also based on addressing the shortcomings and making required modifications and ramifications. This can be considered the best possible approach to fit well with the evolutionary dynamics of educational technology.  

Education technology has fueled the existing techniques and fundamentals of teaching methods. Integration of electronic devices with the required educational information has been assistive in the skilful management of classroom teaching. 

It has further simplified the complex matter while enhancing positive engagement and communication between teachers and students. The use of dynamic platforms of interaction and social media platforms has evidently enlarged the scope of practice for students in various grades. This has also been helpful in promoting creativity and innovation amongst the students, with positively engaging content readily available at their fingertips. 

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