Totolink wireless DB extender Preventing to connecting with router

Totolink wireless DB extender

Not getting the proper wireless range of your wireless router? Dead zones not allowed to use a high-speed internet connection? No need to be worried about this. In order to use high-speed internet connectivity, you can use a totolink wireless DB extender. That allows you wide range coverage, By boosting the network signal of your wireless router. This is a dual-band extender that will kill the dead zones and cover all the weak areas. As well as making your house full of wireless range networks. It will expand the network using dual-band frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The extender is fully compatible to work with all kinds of wireless routers.

The totolink dual-band extender has the features to work as router mode | repeater mode | access point mode. In order to complete the configuration, you need to access the admin totolink login portal. You can also create a WPS connection to establish a connection with your wireless router. If you are willing to use a wide range of coverage then the wireless extender will increase the range of network coverage by transmitting the wireless signal. Over a wide area. The extender comes along with built-in external antennas that will repeat the signal. Sometimes during connecting your extender with the router. It may show an error or connection failure. So here are some simple steps to fix.

Totolink wireless DB extender not connecting with the router?

The extender comes along with built-in LED indicators. To show you the status of your extender (Internet connection, wireless network range, etc.) that makes this device more attractive. This device is fully compatible to connect with all kinds of routers or other wireless devices. So here are some reasons behind this problem. You can fix it by using these given steps. 

Change location of your wireless DB extender

If your extender is placed too far from the wireless router. Then it will not extend the network range of your wireless router. You need to be sure that your extender is placed at the nearest location of your internet router. If the extender is not getting proper range coverage. Then it will lose the range connection. So place your extender near the wireless router. Check the internet connectivity of your internet modem or router. If the extender has no internet, Then the extender will not extend the range of shows you error. 

Insert the cables correctly 

If you want to stable wired connection to your extender with the router. Then you need to be sure that the totolink wireless DB extender is getting proper network coverage of your wireless router. If the extender ethernet cable is not connected properly with the wireless router. Then it can create a problem. Ensure your internet modem or router is connected with the DSL line or network cable. Ensure, that the internet is connected with your wireless router network. If still, the internet is not working you can get connected with an internet service provider. 

Upgrade totolink extender firmware

Open the admin center of your wireless network extender and check the firmware version. If the firmware is not updated and you are using an outdated version. Then you can’t access the newest updated features. To update the firmware, Simply open the official website of your wireless extender and download the latest version file and save it to the desktop. After downloading the firmware. 

Simply open the admin center and click the firmware update option under the device management section. On your next page select your downloaded version and click to update. Your wireless extender will update automatically.

Perform a factory reset

Even all these mentioned steps are not working or still, you are facing the same issue. You need to perform a factory reset. In order to reset power “ON” your device. And in the backside a small “RESET” button is available, press it for 10 seconds and wait for some time. Your Totolink wireless DB extender will automatically enter the factory reset mode. After reset, all the settings will change and be set as default. 

Be sure during resetting your extender. Please don’t turn “OFF” your device. It may harm software due to an uncompleted reset process. We hope that these steps are useful to fixing totolink extender common issues.


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