Tips To Improve Lung Health With Ayurveda

India is the home of 18.5% of the world’s population . According to a study conducted by Global Burden of Disease (GBD) India has one of the highest prevalence of chronic and acute respiratory diseases.

Air pollution is among the most significant causes of respiratory diseases that affect older people, even those who are in good health. Air pollution can cause adverse effects that are (and aren’t restricted to):

  • Lung diseases and respiratory issues diseases like asthma or chronic obstructive lung disease(COPD)

  • Lung Cancer

  • Cardiovascular diseases

  • In children, there is a low level of immunity, especially in infants.

  • A shorter lifespan


Bala that means power It refers to power, and is an Ayurvedic word used to describe immunity. There are two main elements that affect Bala which comprise Ama Ojas and Ojas. Ama can be described as an adhesive substance of digested food that weakens the body’s defenses. As it travels throughout our body it closes the channels for food transport and elimination as well as waste disposal channels. Ojas is not like Ama. It is a result that is completely digestible and enhances overall health and well-being. The purpose for every Ayurvedic treatments and therapies is to enhance Ojas. The reason for the unanswered lung health problem is an increasing amount of Ama in the lungs.


Incorrect diet – Consuming oily, heavy cold food items that are hard to digest or eating leftovers at the end of the day can affect the digestive system.

Polluted air Toxin particles, such as dust, smoke dirt, and other particles that flow through the air get into the lungs when breathing, causing inflammation.

Seasonal Changes Our bodies work in different ways during each season due to the different climates and temperatures. The seasons of the fall and spring months are very susceptible to respiratory issues.

Exercise Exercise Exercise or intensely difficult exercise are dangerous to the lung. Excessive lifting that is beyond your capabilities results in strains on your lungs , and conversely, being inactive reduces the ability of your lungs to absorb oxygen. your lung.

Emotional grieving – An excessive amount of stress or grief could be harmful to the lungs.

How Ayurveda fights against lung disease?

Utilizing these easy ayurvedic techniques can boost your lung health significantly.

Nasya Karma

The treatments consist of the use of drops for nasal spray to avoid allergy caused by air pollution. This should be performed regularly under supervision and be administered in small doses before bed as well as by putting it early in the morning.

This assists in removing dust from nasal passages and stops contamination from entering nasal passages. The addition of some drops of almond oil, or beef ghee could be beneficial too.

Gandusha Karma/Oil pulling

Healthy people breathe through the nose, mouths or both. The nose is equipped with an internal filter that prevents contamination from entering your body. For those who breathe through their mouth’s treatment with oil, it provides an obstacle to the entry of harmful substances in the mouth.

The procedure involves putting essential oils in your mouth for around 10 minutes, and then spilling it out. It removes bad bacteria as well as strengthens your oral mucosa to combat various airborne allergens.

Exercises to breathe

Systems for breathing, such as pranayama Kapal baths. can be extremely helpful in cleaning the airways and reducing the negative impacts of pollution.

Massage assists in improving blood circulation and eliminate the bloodstream of harmful toxins by different methods like the inhalation process or by applying pressure to the skin. A common Abhyanga that contains saturated fat or other therapeutic oils infusions with herbs improves the immune system and can help to keep one healthy.

Pranayama is a way of controlling the breath. It helps to cleanse and strengthen the body, while also quieting the mind. It is essential to practice in the correct posture that allows the breath to flow easily throughout the body.

Healthy lungs produce vitality (Prana). This is the reason why it is said that the Ayurveda Clinic  in Jaipur  connects with the respiratory system in Prana Vaha Srotas. If you follow these suggestions you’ll not just stop the onset of illness, but also improve your lungs to perform their vital functions every day.


This process stimulates sweating. The sweat produced by boiling herbal teas helps to melt and reduce doshas (toxins) that stick to them and then drain them and eliminate the body of impurities.

The smoke of the face can be smoked by adding eucalyptus oils, tea tree oil and carom seeds to help cleanse and strengthen nasal passages, which are polluted by pollutants.

Dawana A skin-bath and application of a moisturizing cream aids in eliminating impurities from the mucous membranes.

The herb and the diet

It is recommended to eat hot freshly cooked food. Ingredients like carom seeds and ginger can be included in the diet. Tulsi, Pippali, Triphala and others. are all foods that can be consumed frequently to help strengthen immune and respiratory systems.

Making the right choices in your food plays an essential role in strengthening and healing of the lung. Ayurveda suggests herbs to include in your daily diet, which helps to support respiratory functions within your body.

Cardamon Cardamon Include this fragrant fresh, sharp, and refreshing herb to your daily diet to help strengthen your lungs and boost your digestion.

Eucalyptus Eucalyptus HTML0 It is a rich source of antioxidants. this plant not only boosts the immune system of Lung Health but also calms blocked sinus passages and combats blockages within the lungs.

Licorice Licorice The herb’s calming properties are especially beneficial for coughs that are dry. It helps relax the mucus membranes in your throat and lungs and stomach.

Pippali Pippali A potent lung rejuvenator that aids in asthmatic conditions and helps reduce the amount of toxins.

Holy Basil – The pure and refreshing herb is able to control healing properties and removes toxic substances from the lungs.


Ayurveda provides powerful remedies to help bring a dosha that is unstable back to balance through lifestyle, diet and herbal mixtures. To ensure Lung Health. It is most important to ensure the security Ayurveda offers There isn’t any side consequence of the Ayurveda treatments, whether you are suffering from lung disease or simply want to combat the issue

You should consult with the Ayurvedic Hospital In Jaipur  prior to beginning any fitness regimen or making any modifications to your diet since consultation with a doctor will provide you with the right details on the treatment or steps to take to avoid the lung condition. They’ll also notify you of any significant issue regarding your condition.

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