These are the Best 8-weekend getaways in Spain

But how many plans can be made in my country? It’s not to brag, but we have it all: idyllic beaches, imposing mountains, cities with history, breathtaking Cathedrals… And you can enjoy all these visits while having tapas and savoring extraordinary cuisine.

Here goes my proposal: 8-Weekend Getaways in Spain.

8-Weekend Getaways in Spain

I love spending a week, a fortnight or a whole month traveling, but I also enjoy a good weekend in Spain. We receive many emails in which you ask us for recommendations for getaways; that is why I have decided to prepare this selection. I will confess that it has been very complicated to make it. Monica had more than 20 proposals and so many others for me. In the end, we have agreed on this list that I hope will be very useful to you when we can all travel normally again.

8-weekend Getaways in Spain

As I told you at the beginning of this article, if Spain stands out for something, it is because of the great variety of resources. Despite being a small country, it is full of contrasts; in a few kilometers, you can enjoy a beach of fine sand or a snowy mountain.

I have tried to combine beaches and mountains, cities and towns, monuments, and cultural activities with the help of I hope you enjoy the result. Then I leave you my 8-weekend getaways in Spain.

1 – Granada

If you ask me about my favorite cities, you will surely make me doubt. I cannot fail to include mine, Burgos, in that response —just because of that imposing Cathedral, it already deserves to be on any list—. The one that cannot be missing from this selection is Granada.

I love this Andalusia city for its location, between the Sierra Nevada and the beaches of the Costa Tropical; for the aroma of history that it gives off; and, of course, because here is one of the most important monuments in Spain, in Europe, and the world, the Alhambra. My favorite hotels in Granada with views are described in this article.


The first thing I recommend is that you take a walk through the Albaicín and Sacramento, a World Heritage Site since 1994. The interpretation center is in Casa de Zafra. The views from its viewpoints —San Nicolas is the best known— is postcard-perfect. And from the Carmen’s —typical houses with orchards and gardens— of the Albaicín we go to the zebras —caves used as tablaos— of Sacramento, the most famous neighborhood in the city, associated with flamenco and nightlife. After having captured the essence of the city, it’s time to have dinner. Did you know that in Granada tapas are free? A tour of its most typical bars will satisfy your hunger and thirst.


I trust that the granaína night has not caused too much damage. He has to get up and regain strength with a good breakfast; the day is going to belong. Today it’s time to visit the star of the trip, the Alhambra. Get to know the Nasrid Palaces and the Gardens of El Genera life. Make the reservation in advance because tickets fly. To end the day, a good idea is to go to the banks of the Genil River to enjoy a walk. In the district of Ronda is the García Lorca park. Here is the house-museum of the Andalusia poet.

Sunday: For the last day I have reserved a visit to the historic center of the city of Granada. In addition to the Cathedral, you have to see the  Royal Chapel and the monastery of San Jerónimo. If you have the strength and time you can include in your Sunday: the Alcacería, the Bib-Rambla square, and the Realejo, the old Jewish quarter of the city.

2 – San Sebastian

Well, I keep giving you long teeth with beautiful cities. The north of Spain is full of them. In fact, in this post, I am going to talk about two of them. The first is San Sebastian. Donostia is a paradise for lovers of the sea, culture, and gastronomy.

Eating in San Sebastian is a religion. Going for pintxos in the old part of the city is mystical journeys that will make your whole body vibrate from the roof of your mouth to the big toe.

Most of these plans that I propose can be done without a car. Many of you ask us about options to make getaways by public transport. From my experience and from the last trips I have made, I will tell you that the great advantage of using a bus or making a weekend plans by train with Ohio is that you forget about parking afterward, a major problem in cities like Granada. or San Sebastian. In addition, you contribute to lowering the CO2 impact of your trip. I use the train and the bus a lot because they allow me to continue working during the journey. I also like to take the opportunity to read a book or see the photographs I have taken on my trip.


Just arrived in San Sebastián and once settled in the hotel, the best thing you can do is take a good walk along the city’s beaches, La Concha —with a must stop to admire Eduardo Chillida ‘s El peine del Viento— and Ondarreta. Surely after the walk, you get hungry. It is time for you to direct your steps to the most visited place in the city, the Old Town. Mount Urgull, the Urumea river and the Bahía de la Concha are the limits of this gastronomic meeting point that has its epicenter in the Plaza de la Constitución.. Lose yourself in its streets, enter its bars and let your senses enjoy the feast that its splendid pincho bars promise. Tapas in Donostia is not cheap, but from my experience: the quality of the food deserves what you pay. Between cover and cover, admire the churches of San Vicente and Santa María.


Mount Igeldo awaits you to get the best views of the city. You have a funicular to make the climb more bearable. Going down you can again admire the work of Chilled and enter the Miramar Palace. In the afternoon it can be a good time to continue walking: it is your turn to visit the third beach in the city, Zurriola. Along the way, you will discover another popular sculpture, Oteiza’s Empty Construction. Near here is the San Telmo Museum. If you get hungry you are again in the right place. Take a walk through the Barrio de Gros and then walk your steps to Matia Street to enjoy another night of the exquisite pintxos from Donostia. A good tip: any of the days, you can choose to go to the Naútico to enjoy a magical sunset.


Today it is time to visit the most important architectural constructions of the city: the Kuursal —where the famous Moneo cubes await you—, the María Eugenia Theater, the María Cristina Hotel, Tabakalera, the Zurriola, Santa Catalina, and María Cristina bridges, the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. And to end our tour, an oasis of tranquility: Cristina Enea Park. It is time to return home, but how are you going to do it without even having txakoli vermouth with “Gilda”?

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3 – Province of Leon

Now it’s time to talk about towns as well. Although I did not forget the capital of this province, of course. León is a very charming city. Through which the Camino de Santiago passes. With a majestic cathedral and the Collegiate Church of San Isadora, it is full of essential monuments.

And yes: here you will also eat beautifully. In Humid, tapas is mandatory. As in Granada, with each drink, they will give you one. I advise you to pair them with local wine. I am a big fan of the Mencía grape. The Bierzo wines are simply divine.

On this occasion I want you to stop at other places in this province that are very worthwhile: Valporquero, Castillo de Polvazares, and Astorga. Clean the camera lens well because you are going to get tired of taking spectacular photos.


We start the route in the city of León. The capital of the province has some of the most outstanding monuments in the region, the Cathedral with its beautiful stained glass windows, and the San Isidoro with its dazzling crypt. On your tour of León, you cannot stop admiring the work of Gaudi, in the Casa Botines. For dinner I recommend a route of tapas and portions through the Húmedo; you will thank me


We leave León and head for Astorga. It’s only a half-hour drive on the highway. Take advantage of the morning to enter the Cathedral and also the Gaudí Palace; take a walk admiring the graffiti on the facades, and buy a good batch of mantecados. It’s time to eat and what better way to try a cocido margate: three rolls ( meat, vegetables, and soup ) and dessert; how about? Castrillo de los Polvazares is the best place for this gastronomic tribute. Digestion I already warn you that it will be slow; The best thing is that you take a good walk through this beautiful town. You will enjoy a whole symphony of colors if you go in spring, as I did.

Sunday: The best way to end this weekend in León is to visit one of its greatest natural treasures, the Cuevas de Valporquero. Valporquero de Torío is in Vegacervera, a Biosphere Reserve. There are several types of visits. The normal tour lasts one hour.

4 – Gijon

We continue north. I can’t escape from the Cantabrian Sea. If Asturias is a paradise, Gijón is its best representative. With the permission of two other cities in this region that I love —Oviedo and Avilés—, Gijón is the perfect fusion between nature and city.

Gijon proudly displays its Roman past, it’s seafaring bearing and its cultural vein. A tremendous mix that will turn you into a “Gijon lover” like I am.

Are you still hungry? Well, now we have to enjoy the fabada, the rich fish and shellfish from the Cantabrian Sea, and the cachepots — two breaded veal fillets between which is placed ham and cheese from the land, which are served accompanied by their garnish of fried potatoes and red peppers. —. And all this washed down with the drink par excellence of Asturias, cider.

Xixón is very aware of responsible tourism. They have the Biosphere seal and both administrations and private companies strive to offer a sustainable offer to visitors.


Start the trip enjoying the city in “little sips”: San Lorenzo Beach, Santa Catalina Hill —where the famous Praise of the Horizon is located—, La Escalerona, El Espigón… For dinner, I recommend you try the rich gastronomy of kilometer zero of La Cuadra de Antón. They serve delicious dishes that are also sustainable.


Start the day by discovering the Roman origin of the city. A tour of the Campa Torres, the Roman Baths, the Roman wall, and the Villa de Vranes. In the afternoon it is time to revisit Cimadevilla, although we were already here in the morning, I recommend that you calmly enjoy its essence. This Saturday I have two gastronomic recommendations: for a snack, Gijon Goloso — 5 tastings for €7 or 10 tastings for €13 in the best pastry shops in the city—; and for dinner, Gijon Gourmet. Two extraordinary ways to enjoy the best of the city’s gastronomy at an incredible price. I ate at the Augawith this formula, and it was simply spectacular to enjoy a restaurant with a Michelin star for 50 euro’s per person.


Today, I’m taking you to La Laboral, one of my favorite spots in the city. Originally an orphanage, it has been converted into a cultural center. You can see all of Gijon and a part of the region from its tower. Next door, you have the Botanical Garden. The ideal place to say goodbye to the city if you travel with children.

Other options: If you are interested in staying in Asturian lands for a longer period, you can enjoy the Picos de Europa -the Cares Route is a great way to discover this wonder of nature-, enjoy the beaches of Llanes and Ribadesella or let yourself be surprised by the beauty of the fishing villages like Cudillero..

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5 – PortAventura

This weekend’s getaway in Spain is designed for families. Although there are other theme parks like Warner in Madrid, Port Aventura has a special charm for me: it is next to the beach.

A weekend or a long weekend in Port Aventura allows you to combine the Costa Dorada with a visit to the park’s attractions. If you want to join him one day you can come to Barcelona. A cosmopolitan and cultural city with authentic wonders such as the Sagrada Familia.


Whether you stay in Salou or La Pineda, as I did the last time I went to the park, I recommend that you dedicate the afternoon to one of the greatest pleasures in life: watching the sunset on the beach. After this, let yourself be carried away by the smells and flavors of Catalan fish and shellfish, your stomach will appreciate it.


After gaining strength with a good breakfast, it’s time to head to Port Aventura Park. Remember that you have two parks: Port Aventura and Ferrari Land. You can choose to visit just one or both. You must get up early to be the first in the most demanded attractions such as Furius Baco or Shambala. After a whole day of fun, you will surely fall asleep in bed like a baby.


This last day I propose two options: 1) Go back to the park to repeat the attractions you liked the most and ride the ones you couldn’t and 2) Spend the day on the coast, a few kilometers from Salou, in La Ametlla de Mar. Its “coves” are ideal for a dip and taking a few photos. In the square, you have a few bars and restaurants where you can enjoy one of those rice dishes that are remembered for many years.

6 – Ibiza

He left the islands to me. The Canary Islands is a joy. Tenerife brings back very good memories and La Palma even better ones. But for this list, we have stayed with the Balearic Islands. We like Palma de Mallorca and its surroundings very much, but this time we want to recommend a trip to Ibiza.

Beyond the clichés, Ibiza is a place where you can enjoy agritourism proposals, beaches, alternative markets, and some movie sunsets.


Depending on what time your flight arrives, you can take advantage of the first day to enjoy Cala d’Hort,  it is one of the most representative beaches on the island, or directly start with a tour in Dalt Vila. I found the old walled city of Ibiza fascinating. Enjoy its terraces at night to snack on something and have a good cocktail.


We start route around the island. Your first destination will be the Las Dalias Market, a place with flavor, color, and warmth. Here you can spend the whole day if you want. In addition to the stalls with clothes and beads, you have several places to eat or have a drink. It is usually full. I suggest you take the vermouth in Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, a charming typical Mediterranean town. For the afternoon, the plan is a good walkthrough in Las Salinas. And if the weather allows it: a dip in the beaches of that area and watches the sunset at the Café del Mar or Cala Conta.


Dawn also has its charm. I enjoyed them in the pool of the Hotel Sol Beach House. Before taking the plane back, take the opportunity to go up to Sa Talaia, the highest point on the island. If at any time during the weekend it suits you, there is an amazing place to eat called Es Caliu. If like me, you like gastronomic tourism: you can’t miss it.

7 – Province of Cadiz

Return to the Andalusian community. Cadiz is a classic. One of the places chosen for many people’s vacations. The new transport possibilities also make it a great place to spend a long weekend or a long weekend.

Both in the interior and on the coast, you will find a lot of towns full of history, in which nature is still present in a less artificial way than in the typical places of sun and beach.


Our base camp for this weekend is going to be in a town full of history, Medina Sidonia. A perfect place to rest from the hard day that awaits you in the province of Cádiz. Climb to the top of the town for 360-degree panoramic views.


It’s time to walk. Along trails brimming with nature, those of the Alcornocales de Cádiz. You have routes for the whole family and also for the most athletic. In the afternoon, back in Medina Sidonia, take the opportunity to visit its Archaeological Museum, and then recharge your batteries in the bars of the square. Letting time pass can be quite an adventure.


We are going to the beach. Better said to the beaches. To those of Medina Sidonia, the second coastline of Cádiz: Roche, Conil de la Frontera, Zahara de los Atunes and Caños de Meca. And then to end the day we went to eat in El Puerto de Santa María. A good plate of shellfish in Romerijo or a meal at Bodegas Osborne is the finishing touch to this excursion. And if you want to pay tribute in style, Ángel León has his Aponiente restaurant here. I visited it and was dazzled.

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8 – Province of Soria

I cannot understand why Soria does not have the fame that other provinces of our country have. If there is a place in Spain that I particularly enjoy, it is this.

There are many towns and places that you must visit. Take the opportunity to do it on the most special dates of the year: in autumn, when the mushroom-picking season is at its peak, or in winter and spring when the Burgos de Osama Matanzas Days are held.


El Burgo de Osma is waiting for you. Discover all its corners with the electric tourist bus. Walk through its main street, savor its Cathedral, have a beer on the terraces of the Plaza Mayor, and get ready for a gastronomic feast with the products of the land: Torres nos, suckling lamb, puff pastry, Ribera del Duero wines…


Tie your boot laces tight. Today you are going to walk. Discover the Lobos River Canyon from its viewpoints, but, above all, from below, walking along the paths that will take you to that wonder that is the hermitage of San Bartolomé.


Don’t let your capacity for wonder stop. Today you are going to see an eye of the sea, La Fuentona; you will walk among centenarian junipers, and you will travel back in time to witness the battle of Calatañazor. This last town is the ideal place to say goodbye to the province of Soria from any of its restaurants.

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