Reliable Approaches to Export OST to PST: A Complete Guide

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While adding or forming an account in MS Outlook, an Outlook data file (OST file) is produced. It contains a local data copy of the mailbox items such as messages, tasks, contacts, and calendars. The OST files are easily accessible when the users are offline.  However, there are high chances of OST files getting corrupted for several reasons. To protect your vital files from corruption and external threats, you should export OST file. Here, we will discuss the top effective ways to export OST to PST. We will learn two manual approaches here with the steps. Also, we have included the benefits of using OST to PST Converter. But before that, let’s explore the factors responsible for the conversion of the Outlook OST file.

Why do we need to backup OST file to PST?

There are various reasons why users need to perform OST convert to PST. Some motives are as follows:

  • Large-size OST files have a high risk of corruption. Thus, you need to move your Old OST files to PST to fix the issue.

  •  If OST files become inaccessible due to the  Exchange server crash, malware, or viruses. The best way to view OST files is to export OST to PST.

  • In such a case, you want to migrate data from one place to another. As you know, we cannot move OST files to another system directly. You need to backup OST file to PST

  • When OST files become orphaned, you can export OST file to PST to access files on the laptop or PC.

These all are motives to convert the Outlook OST file. Let us now learn some manual methods to perform conversion of OST file.

How to convert OST to PST in Outlook?

There are two manual solutions to export OST to PST. These methods are as follows:-

  1. Convert OST to PST free by Exporting files

  2. Perform OST convert to PST by using Archiving Process

Method 1: Convert OST to PST free by Exporting files

Here, we will use the Import/Export functions of Microsoft Outlook. You can Follow the following steps to convert OST to PST:-

  1. Open the Outlook app on your system.

  2. Click on File and choose Open and Export.

  3. After that, opt for Import/Export option. 

  4. Now, a new window will appear. Here, select Export to a file and press the Next button. 

  5. Pick Outlook data file (.pst) and Press Next

  6. Afterward, choose to select the folders you want to export or pick the whole account. The alternative to Include Subfolders is also available.

  7. Find and choose the destination for the Output folder. Then, select the options regarding duplicates.

  8. Finally, hit on Finish to start the process. 

You need to follow the steps with utmost care for good results. You can also check the manual technique mentioned below.

Method 2: Perform OST convert to PST by using Archiving Process

Here, we will use archiving approach to export OST to PST. Given below are the steps to execute the process:

  1. Start Microsoft Outlook on your system.

  2. Find and click on File and then choose Options.

  3. Now, pick the Advanced option and then tap on Auto Archive settings

  4. Now, set the duration in days to operate Auto Archiving. Then, browse the folder to save the File you have archived. 

  5. Provide the mentioned archiving options, and press the OK button. 

After completing the procedure, all items from your OST file will transfer to the PST file. This method is free and effective. However, It is a lengthy procedure and confusing for a novice. In such a case, To Convert OST to PST without Outlook, you must use a professional OST to PST Converter. Now, let us learn some drawbacks of using Manual approaches. 

Shortcomings of Manual Techniques

Manual ways also have some weak points. Due to these limitations, manual solutions are less preferred by users. Let’s keep note of some of them: 

  • The use of manual methods may result in crucial files being deleted or damaged. 

  • Manual ways have no feature to repair corrupt OST files.

  • The free process needs technical expertise. A non-tech user may find it challenging to perform the steps. 

  • You cannot convert Orphaned OST files to PST by using manual ways. 

These all are limitations of manual modes of conversion. To avoid such drawbacks, users switch to a professional way and opt for a tool like OST to PST Converter. The advanced utility saves time and involves a few steps to complete the task. Moreover, the task becomes easier even for novices with utility. 

Final Thought

In this write-up, we have discussed the best available manual solutions to 

export OST to PST. But, Manual tricks have some limitations and are not suitable for novices. Thus, users suggest using the professional approach for safe conversion and saving time. 

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