Reasons to do Kedarkantha Trek

Are you planning to trek in north India? I suggest you go to Uttarakhand for trekking. Uttarakhand treks are the best trekking places in North India, especially in winters. In winters trekking at Uttarakhand, mountains make you introduce yourself through nature. You will start loving nature and winters too. Winter treks in Kedarkantha explore you to frozen lakes, meadows, pine trees, different landscapes, flora, and fauna. You can have different views with sceneries of other mountain treks, peaks of mountains, lakes. You can also explore remote villages and can know the culture and tradition of the villagers. Now, let us know the main reasons to visit the Kedarkantha trek In winter.

Top Reasons to Visit Kedarkantha Trek

Drive to the base

The Kedarkantha trip starts from a little village named Sankri. If you started from Dehradun it takes around 10-11 hours to reach Sankri. This route is around 220 km long through Mussoorie, Damta, Naugaon, Purola, and Natiwar. This long drive is in between the nature of tall grass and trees just preparing for the wonderful trek you have ever experienced. Your path is like a Long road, like a wavy road with many rivers along the way. The long drive will be very interesting, you can spot many wild animals, different flowers and birds. You will love the birds chirping sounds on the way. From all the above content you can just imagine how beautiful the  Kedarkantha trek is gonna be.

Snowfall is like snowy Paradise to heaven

Kedarkantha trek is the most popular of all treks in the Himalayan region. Even in the month of April, you can experience snow over the mountain hills. If you ever planned a trip in winter or December to March, you can plan in April. Still, in April you can experience snow in April. The Kedarkantha trek is a must explore trek in winters for its snow and its Views, scenery.

In winters the Kedarkantha trek is all about mountains, frozen lakes, birds, animals, forests all these add memorable beautiful trips to your memories. The trekking place has plenty of snowfall during winters. The temperature ranges from -7 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius at night. Daytime it will be around -10 degrees Celsius to -18 degrees Celsius. The land will be covered like a blanket of snow with a theme of paradise in the Himalayas with many adventures.

In the Kedar Kantha trek along with trekking, you can also go skiing over the blanket of snow between meadows of green lush trees like oak and pine. A place where there is heavy snowfall makes a perfect place for skiing. There are many slopes where you can dive and ski there with ski blades on your way. The trees with snow dust over leaves and branches make the place to click many pictures with your family and friends and make memories.

Trekking to Frozen lakes

Not only Trekking up and down there are many beautiful places where you can camp, get chilled, and relaxed. There are many different places where you can camp and enjoy the beauty of hill stations with snow all around. There’s a lake called Juda ka Talab lake which is hidden at an altitude of 2700 m. There is a belief that this place is created by God, Lord Shiva. There is a story about the lake where Lord Shiva let his hair down on the earth which held the goddesses of the river Ganga. Then that water of river Ganga splashed a little on the mountain of Kedarkantha. The lake was named after Lord shiva’s hair which he always ties on the head like a bun. Hence named Juda ka Talab. Near the lake, you can see many views of mountains and other peaks of trek places.

Wildlife of Himalayas

On a trek to Uttarkashi peak of the Himalayas of Kedarkantha, you can explore the Govind Wildlife sanctuary where you can see many wildlife animals. This place has many visitors to explore the wild animals of the Himalayas. The Juda ka Talasha has the most unique Flora and Fauna to explore and also Govind Pashu Vihar. Passionate Photographers will be very curious to capture all the possible birds and animals in the surroundings. The gems will keep bird watching to snap photos of them. The trees of Rhododendron with cherry-like flowers in red and pink. The Deodar cedar trees with golden cones, sky-touching Oak trees. The fauna of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand makes your trip beautiful. Rare birds like Blood colored western Tragopan habitats in this region. Other wild birds like Vulture, Eagle, Golden Eagle, Black Eagle, Himalayan snowcock, are spotted here. This place is best for exploring and photography with different exotic species like blue sheep, serow, Crestless Porcupine, and the endangered grey ghost of the mountains, snow leopards.

Breath-taking camp places

There are many camping places in the Kedarkantha trek like Juda ka thlasa, Fairytale meadow near lake Juda which is 4kms. On the way to sankri you can camp at Hargon at an altitude of 2713m. You can see beautiful mountains from here like gold towers and sun rays.


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