Points to Consider before Applying for Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

Points to Consider before Applying for Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

When you are a possible migrant to a new country like Australia, different visa offers could seem very confusing for you. Even if you manage to understand the available routes, you might not know the best option for you. Any visa, be it a 190 Visa Australia or any other visa, has conditions, criteria, fees, and processing time.

The choice that you will make should not be based on just the current situation but also on keeping in mind your family’s needs and plans. Australia has different visa programs that are suitable for migrants in various situations. 

Migrating to Australia

If you plan to migrate to Australia for work, you need to review all the available work routes. Many applicants will usually choose the visa 189 route, but they need to know that other visa routes are also available. This includes business investment visas, regional work visas, and skilled nominated visas.

This blog will provide you information mainly on visa subclass 190, explaining the advantages it gives and the eligibility criteria you need to meet before applying. 

Difference between Skilled Nominated Visa and Skilled Independent Visa

There are many ways in which skilled nominated and skilled independent visas are similar. Both the visas follow a points-based system that means you are initially scored against set criteria to know how suitable you are. Both the visas need an expression of interest before you are invited to apply for them. 

The only difference is that once the EOI is submitted, with the subclass 189 visa, you have to wait to get selected from various suitable candidates, and the one who will score the highest will be chosen. In the 190 visas, the individual state or territorial governments make the selection, and the skilled occupation list is also different for both visas. 

Eligibility Criteria for the Australian Skilled Nominated Visa

To be eligible for applying for the 190 visas, you need to meet the following requirements: 

    • Need to have an occupation below the skilled occupation list for the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190.

    • Need to score a minimum of 65 points on the points-based system.

    • Be invited to apply for the visa by an Australian territory or state government.

    • Need to complete a skills assessment 

    • The age needs to be between 18 to 45 years while applying for this visa 

    • Have basic English language skills

    • Meet the health requirement as per the visa

    • Meet character requirement 

You also need to pay a fee of AUD4, 045 while submitting your visa application. 

Benefits of the Australian Nominated Visa

When you have the 190 subclass visa, you will gain a good amount of flexibility in terms of study, work and travel; the 190 visas can allow you to: 

    • Stay permanently in Australia as soon as the visa is granted 

    • Work and study in the country 

    • Participate in different public health care schemes of Australia, including Medicare 

    • Sponsor your relatives to come and stay in Australia 

    • Travel in and out of Australia for five years 

    • Become an Australian citizen if you are eligible. 

The 190 visas will allow you to include eligible family members. The ‘eligible family members’ indicate: 

    • Your spouse or de facto partner 

    • Your child or your partner’s child, the child should not be engaged, married or be in a de facto relationship and also need to be-

    1. Under 18 years of age 

    2. 18 to 23 years of age and dependent on you or your partner

    3. Twenty-three years or older and dependent on you and your partner due to physical disability. 

    • The dependent child of your partner. 

How to Apply for the Skilled Nominated 190 Visas?   

You can apply for the 190 Australian visas anytime and anywhere; it does not matter if you reside in Australia or outside of the country. You can complete the application process online; the first thing you need to do is submit an EOI. If you are selected to apply for the visa by a territory or state government, you need to assess your skills by an authorized assessment board.

After you are invited to apply, you will need to gather all the necessary documents, including proof of identity, character, English language skills, relationship, skills assessment, and family. You can apply online for this visa. 

You can expect to be informed of a decision on the visa application in nine months. If you are granted the visa subclass 190, you will need to write the visa grant number, the visa’s start date, and its conditions. If you are unsure how to fill out the application, you can go for some visa advice in Perth by an immigration agent. 

Documents Required for the 190 Visa 

Once the state nominates you for the 190 subclass visa, you must submit several documents within 60 days of the visa being issued. Before that, you also have to submit some documents. Some of them are:

    • An identity proof

    • Skill report by a legal assessing authority 

    • Proof of your age certificate, passport and birth certificate

    • Two recent colour passports 

    • PTE or IELTS test results that prove your ability to speak in English 

    •  Skilled employment documents 

    • Skills of your partner 

    • An educational qualification degree. 

Documents that Prove Your Relationship 

    • If you are married, you need to show a copy of your marriage certificate. 

    • Under a de facto relationship, you need documents to prove that you have been in the relationship since last year. 

    • If your partner is divorced or widowed, they need to show their spouse’s divorce and death certificates. Some of them are-

    1. An important application form

    2. Health and character certificates 

    3. Employment letters 

    4.  The immigration department referred to other documents. 

How Much Does the Subclass 190 Visa Cost? 

The cost of processing the subclass 190 visa could differ from time to time. For the main applicant, the fee is AUD4115; if there is any additional applicant above 18 years of age, the fee would be AUD2055. For an applicant below 18 years, the fee is AUD1030. 

You would have to pay some additional fees after paying these fees. Some of them are- 

    • Police check

    • English proficiency test of your partner 

    • Medical examination. 

Processing Time for the Australian Subclass 190 Visa 

The processing time for the 190 visas will depend on completing all the steps mentioned above in time. But the available time is as follows:

    • 75% of the 190 visa application is processed in about seven months 

    • 90% of the 190 visa applications could take nine months to process.

Factors that Could Affect the Processing Time of the Visa 

Different factors could enhance the time of processing of the 190 visas; some of them are: 

    • Number of visa applications received by the government 

    • Preparing the applications for review on your behalf 

    • Documents that are missing 

    • Any inquiry conducted for a reason 

    • The time that you will need to be prepared with all the documents. 

Final Words 

The 190 subclass visa is one of the many visas that a migrant can opt for while going to Australia; you could also choose any other visa that suits your needs. But if you have problems filling out the visa application form and do not want your visa to be rejected, you could contact a Visa Consultant Perth

The professionals could help you fill out the application forms and ensure no problem anywhere on your visa application form.

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