Places to Visit Near Delhi for Family

As the country’s capital, Delhi is recognized as and commonly referred to as, a national treasure. We’ve all heard that there are a plethora of fantastic spots to visit near Delhi with family, friends, your boyfriend, or even by yourself. Not only is Delhi well-known for this, but also for its distinct lifestyle and a range of other factors. When it comes to visiting various cities in India, Delhi is an ideal location. There are several weekend getaway areas within the city, as well as other places to relieve vacationers. Its proximity to the magnificent North Indian provinces, the culturally rich Rajasthan, and direct flights to the North-Eastern portions of India make it an ideal location for a vacation. In and around Delhi, there are various captivating, interesting, and engaging tourist attractions that will keep all types of travelers entertained. Delhi has not only become a popular tourist destination in recent decades, but residents of the state have discovered a multitude of nearby amusements as well. There are numerous notable places to visit near Delhi with family, ranging from odd to mainstream attractions, weekend getaway spots to vacation destinations.


Though practically everyone visits Jaipur, it is mostly visited by people who want to view the cultural heritages and forts. Jaipur is a more quiet and greener city than Delhi, which is why many people travel from Delhi to Jaipur with their families and friends. Jaipur is one of the best destinations to visit near Delhi. Known for its immaculate parks, massive and prideful forts, delectable cuisines, and vibrant local markets. In the winter, Jaipur, often known as the “pink city of India,” is a lovely destination to spend time with your family. The pink city has a plethora of world-class attractions that keep visitors entertained. 


If you are considering a journey to Auli from Delhi with your family during the winter, Auli is an excellent choice. Auli is known as the “ski capital of India” since it is one of the busiest locations for visitors from all across the country. Auli is 3050 meters above sea level. Even when the temperature drops below zero degrees in the winter, adventure seekers from Delhi and other areas of the country flock here to have a tranquil time.


Mathura is a popular pilgrimage destination for Delhi residents. It is one of the best sites within 200 kilometers of Delhi that can be visited with family. Mathura is well-known for being the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Aside from the distance, there are a number of other things that draw individuals from Delhi to Mathura. Typically, visitors will spend a whole weekend here visiting various temples, participating in aarti at these temples, and much more. Gokul and Vrindavan are two other sites close to Mathura.


Uttarakhand is one of the best states in India, with many attractive tourist destinations. Nainital is one of the best destinations to visit near Delhi within 300 kilometers, and many people visit this place for a week every year. This hill station is mostly famous as a honeymoon resort, but that hasn’t stopped adventurers from visiting. Nainital is ideal for single tourists, which is why people have always wished to come here with their families. Several families from Delhi and other regions of India usually visit Nainital around the new year. One of the primary reasons they chose Nainital is because of its unique flora and fauna, stunning lakes, high mountains, and breathtaking sites across the city. Nainital is unquestionably one of the best destinations to visit near Delhi with family and friends. Visiting Kainchi Dham, taking in the splendor of Nainital, staring at the majestic snow-clad Himalayas, boating on Naini Lake, seeing the sunrise from Tiffin Top, and riding the cable car.


Mussoorie is another active hill station near Delhi. If you’re looking for a weekend escape near Delhi, check sure this hill station is right for you. You can come here whenever you want, and it will serve you well. Mussoorie, often known as the “Queens of Hills,” is a popular weekend getaway for Delhi residents. If you want to travel on a weekend trip with your family from Delhi, this could be your next destination. Mussoorie attracts a large number of visitors during the summer and a smaller amount during the winter. Throughout the year, the weather is pleasant for visitors. People like their time at this hill station, and adventurers enjoy their time there as well.

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