10 Techniques to Drive Innovation in Business


It might sound cynical, but we inhabit a world in which ordering a burger most innovatively, like a drone, doesn’t have to be flexed.

Industries and markets experienced unexpected turmoil in 2021 because of COVID-19. And as a result, new trends are surfacing in the fore that are critical to consumer behavior and technology.

The technology should align well with present needs and future expectations.

A business is more about customers than the owners themselves and hence, innovation is the only KEY to achieve success in bold letters.

Techniques to Drive Innovation in Business Next Year

Here are the 10 techniques to drive innovation in business in 2022 and redefine the growth sphere.

  1. AI-optimized business operations 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has paved its way through nearly every domain in the world and is bound to improve business operations too in the future.

AI has been widely adopted in healthcare, manufacturing, and technical industries and is soon to cover multiple domains.

According to the survey conducted by MIT, “85% of executives believe AI would be an effective tool in reforming business gear.”

AI has contributed to the comfort of individuals and businesses in various ways, including face unlocking and voice help.

In 2022, it is expected to replace customer assistant roles and ensure 24/7 unrestricted support. You should purchase AI equipment early so that you can get used to of it.

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  1. Encourage collaborative effort 

 Coming together of innovative minds results in excellence. Thus, the companies should focus on encouraging collaborative effort for idea generation.

 “97% of employees and executives believe that lack of alignment within a team directly affects the company’s outcomes.”

There is a dire need to loosen up the norms to enable creativity and autonomy within the team. In this way, start-ups and SMEs become readily giant corporations.

How to ensure a successful idea generation? 

  • Are the company bases a positive work culture?

  • Would a particular person fit into the team well?

  • Does everyone listen to each other well before deriving conclusion?

  1. Foster Ability to take risks

For a business to thrive in a cut-throat competitive world, it is imperative to grant people the flexibility to exercise their ideas. Recognizing the best ideas is important, but those that fail should also be encouraged to do better.

Start a system of innovation that helps your team grow by doing what they are good at rather than pushing them into something alien.

To ensure a flexible risk-taking environment, identify:

  • Is making mistake acceptable in your work culture?

  • Do employees know how to amend those mistakes?

  • How do you invite feedback?

  • Do you appreciate the effort and recognize good ideas with incentives?

  1. Initiate a Healthy Interaction with Employees

As a part of the firm, the employee must be aware of the company. The leaders or the executives should promote healthy interaction and discuss how employee can leverage the opportunity to improve his/her skillet and how the firm will help them hit their goals and aspirations.

For example:

Mr. Joseph, runs a software company and utilizes informal coffee tasks, potlucks, newsletters and peer reviews to discuss latest innovations in the firm. Interacting in multiple ways with employees, help generate trust among the employees, refine their confidence and boost up their self-esteem to deliver best to the force. This in turn reduces uncertainly, eliminates confusion and put fresh ideas on the front and help company double-up its revenue. 

  1. Ensure mental employees’ wellbeing

As Elon Musk puts, “People work better when they know their goal.”  

The mental wellbeing of employees is crucial to ensuring a healthy and innovative work culture.

According to a report, people can spend one-fifth of the time working something they are enthusiastic about. 

Grant them a 30-minute creative time for them to do whatever they are passionate about. Improved mental wellbeing results in more employee retention.

How to ensure the mental wellbeing of your employees? 

  • Ensure that you trust your employees

  • Ensure that your workspace offers enough scope for growth

  • Encourage flexible working hours

  1. Leverage networks’ expertise

As mentioned previously, rather than pushing your employees to adapt new skills, sharpen what they are already good at.

Pick. Collaborate. Excel.

  • Leverage the best brains to fill in the knowledge gaps. How to do so?

  • Are there individuals who have the knowledge base you are seeking?

  • Can you form a council of experts for a defined aim or project?

Leverage innovation labs, venture capital firms and startup accelerators to develop and confirm fresh concepts

Doing so will not only help the firm progress but also encourage team effort and innovation.

  1. Remote talent acquisition 

With pandemic becoming the new normal, remote working is expected to hit 2022 bulletins as well. Apart from the restrictions implemented and the firms restoring to the new-normal norms, many companies still relying on remote working.

 So, even if offices have opened, business executives can opt for remote talent acquisition. It will help the company meet deadlines and grab more projects on the way to pave the way for future innovation.

As work from home has implied greater productivity and a better work-life balance with no serious decline in productivity.

  1. Embracing Cloud-Based Structures 

According to a source, “Cloud computing will be worth 800 million dollars by 2025.” 


“61% of businesses transferred their processes to the cloud in 2020.” 

Cloud-based structures played a lead role in facilitating remote work and encourage organizations to fuse existing organizational activities with novel cloud.

Cloud-based trends to witness in 2022:

  • Hybrid- cloud computing

  • Server-less design

  • Cloud security

  • IoT platform

  • Open source 

  1. Launching Intrapreneur Programs

While companies are always on the hunt for ideas that shape the future, Intrapreneur programs facilitate it. In this, companies work with employees to invest their ideas and passions and align it with improving customer experience, products and solving existing organization problems. 

Launching intrapreneur programs are cost-efficient options for product conceptualization.

  1. Teaming up with Start-ups

Collaborating with different start-ups in your industry and using the potential by confluence of the best of ideas is the major KICK in 2022. Moreover, it helps start-ups ensure an edge over their competitors and sustain a lead in the market.

Thus, corporate innovation is imperative!

Go on! Align passion with innovation in 2022 and fight through the challenges of facing very bad credit loans direct lenders to ensure a sustainable work culture. 

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