Netgear Router Light ON But No Internet? Here’s How To Quickly Fix

If you have a Netgear router and you are facing no internet connectivity issue, then don’t think too much. Because this guide will provide you with some solutions, with the help of which you will be able to get the reason and finest solutions. Although for your whole home, the Netgear Wi-Fi router is the impeccable choice. Because it offers a stable W-Fi range in the entire home. You can reliably get the wireless range from room to room. The network connectivity is much more robust than the other brand router. You can ingeniously stream HD videos/movies, play gaming, share big files, and many more on multiple devices sans the tottery network. But to enjoy the network on multiple devices, the Netgear router light ON. then, you will be able to attach your home networking devices. 

Additionally, you can seamlessly enjoy Wi-Fi on multiple networking devices. But many times, the issues occur when the Netgear router light is ON but no internet connectivity is not available. Then, in this situation, you will not be competent to enjoy the wireless range. If you wish to get rid of the issue, then you have to configure the router. From the nighthawk router login page, you will be able to configure the router. 

What are possible reasons due to Netgear Router Light ON But No Internet?

If the user sees the LED light of the Netgear range extender is ON but the internet connectivity is not available. So the user needs to know the issue rated reason. Because after knowing the reasons, it becomes easy for the user to solve the problem quickly.

  • Maybe the connection between your cable modem and Netgear router is faulty 

  • The firmware of your Netgear router is Antiquated. 

  • Not connecting the Netgear router to the internet

  • Not configure the Netgear WiFi router 

  • Maybe the location of your Netgear is near the heating source

  • Technical glitches

Netgear Router Light ON But No Internet? How to resolve it

If the Netgear Wi-Fi router has no internet connectivity, then you will not be able to enjoy streaming videos, gaming, sharing files, & much more.  Let’s start with some ultimate solutions. 

Power cycle to Netgear router 

To resolve the No Internet error, the impeccable solution is you have to power cycle the Netgear router. To power cycle the router, firstly, you have to verify the modem connection. If the cable modem is connected to the router, then, you have to disconnect the connection. By unplugging the cable into the available port, you will be able to disconnect the connection. Afterward, head over your Wi-Fi router, and properly find out the power button.  Then, you have to push this button for a few seconds and properly switch off the router. Afterward, you have to unplug from the power supply and leave the router in the cold area. 

After some time, you can make the connection again by plugging the power cord. 

Inspect the Netgear router firmware & update 

If the LED light of the Netgear Wi-Fi router is solid ON but there is no internet connectivity error, then you have to inspect the firmware version. Because antiquated firmware of the Netgear router causes no internet error. By visiting the advanced setting, you will be able to verify the firmware version. If the version is really outdated, then you should update it. By utilizing the newest firmware file, the firmware of your Netgear router is completely updated. 

Change the SSID and password

By changing the password of the Netgear Wi-Fi router, you will be able to resolve the no internet causes. To change the SSID and password is the finest nighthawk wireless router troubleshooting way. But to change the password, you have to obtain the login wizard. Through the default IP, you will be competent to get the login panel. Through the login information, you can effortlessly log in. 

After logging into the extender, you will be going to the setting. Under the setting, you will find the wireless setting section. In the wireless setting, you will see the password section. In the password section, you will see the default password. By erasing the default password, you have to mention the new password. 

Reset the Netgear range extender 

To solve the no internet issue error, you have to factory reset the extender. Initially, you have to inspect the power. If the power LED is solid ON, then you have to press the extender’s reset button. To press the reset button, you can utilize the small PIn. Afterward, the extender is completely reset. 


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