Korean Skincare Routine: How To Get A Korean Glass Skin On A Budget

“K”, in simple terms, it’s just an alphabetic letter, but in terms of the beauty and drama industry, it has gotten some different attention. K-pop, K-beauty, and K-dramas are nowadays the most popular terms starting from k, and a lot of south and west people are crazy about their beauty. During the last few years, k- beauty has taken the world by storm. With a lot of people having a big amount of crush on Korean pop and drama stars, more people are looking forward to knowing how they have perfect glassy skin. 

Actually, term glass skin is a condition when your skin is at its very healthiest state. But to get that poreless, luminous and translucent skin, so many things need to happen. However, you don’t need to worry because if you are looking for such beautiful skin, then you are on the right page. Here I will give you some tips and tricks to get a Korean glass skin on a budget. In addition, for the best beauty product, I recommend you to visit Zaful. They offer you all the things you need to look fashionable, and you know what the best thing is, you can do all this on a budget by using Zaful coupon code.

What is glass skin, and how this term is originated?

“Glass skin” the term is not new to anyone. it was bought into light in 2007 as a Korean beauty concept. It is actually known as a radiant complexion that mimics the reflective finish of the glass.

Product You Need

Here is the list of some products you need to use to get a glassy skin

  • Oil cleanser and gentle foam cleanser for double cleansing

  • Exfoliator

  • Toner

  • Essence

  • Serum or face oil

  • Moisturizer

  • Sunscreen

  • Face mask

Some Tips To Get A Glassy Skin

Double Cleanse

Start your skincare routine with the double cleanse. First, wash your face with a gentle oil cleanser that will effectively remove all oil-based impurities on your skin. Next, give your face a treat of water cleanser. Everyone thinks of this type of cleanser when they hear the word cleanser. This is also a beneficial treatment for your skin. It helps remove the remaining impurities left behind by the oil cleanser.

How to apply it to your weekly routine

Apply every morning or night with a deep massage


Then the next step in achieving the glassy is exfoliation. This technique helps remove the excess dead skin cells and removes blackheads on the skin. When it comes to choosing the right exfoliator for your skin, then for people with dry skin, I recommend you use a physical exfoliator. On the other hand, it is recommended to go with a chemical exfoliator containing an AHA for everyone else.

How to apply it to your weekly routine

I recommend you apply it in the evening twice a week. And when applying it, remember one thing it’s your skin, not your house wall.


Most guys are aware of the benefits of this step; if not, then it is used to balance the ph level of your skin. The above treatment may affect the PH level of your skin. So to get it into its balance, you need to apply a toner that helps the beauty products to get absorbed better into the skin. But did you know which type of toner is best for your skin? To get the perfect glassy, you must need to use the right product. 

How to apply it to your weekly routine

Apply it to your every skincare Korean routine.


It is also the most important aspect of the Korean skincare routine. But, did you know what it actually does? It hydrates the deeper levels of the dermis, priming and preparing your skin for the next step in the routine. It is a watery lotion or a gel that is more concentrated with more and more active ingredients. 

How to apply it to your weekly routine

Every day morning and night, just use a small amount and pat it on the face and neck. 


Now with the start of this step, your routine is just one step away from the end. The moisturizer comes in different forms, including gel, creams and oils. But the function of it same it maintains your skin hydration level, sealing the water in the dermis so it cannot evaporate. It also deals with dryness, dehydration and ageing complexions.

How to apply it to your weekly routine

Apply it to your face and neck every day, morning and night.


With the rise in Korean beauty, more people understand the benefit of SPF on their skin as it keeps their skin protected from sun damage. So in this way, you can say that all the above steps you have followed will have zero effect if you are not using the right SPF on your skin.


How to apply it to your weekly routine

Apply it throughout the day, whether you are at home or outside. Apply it to your neck, face, shoulders and ears.

Wrap Up

Getting a crystal clear glassy skin in not every hands game but it is also not as much as difficult as you think. To get you targeted glassy skin take a look of all the seven easy steps given above.


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