How to Manage Projects with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Normally, companies incorporate activities that are within the scope of their internal projects, or those directed to their clients. In that sense, project managers touch the limit, when they decide to execute the activities in the most efficient way possible and with a totally professional approach.

That is why, if the project management of a company is not well coordinated and organised, they could present very important failures and errors.

For this reason, Microsoft has developed Dynamics 365 and ProRM . Both tools form a solution of the highest level of performance in sales, resources and project management. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers various functionalities related to sales, services and marketing; this undoubtedly makes it an ideal platform for high workflow in organisations.

It is important to point out that Microsoft Dynamics 365 in combination with ProRM will allow us to manage the entire procedure of our business, from marketing and sales to project control and billing.

In other words, we will get everything we need and also in a single environment, where you will not have the interruption of other means. In this sense, if we want to have a great advantage over our competition, it is important that we increase efficient administration and implementation of our projects, through well-oriented planning, where we can also reduce risks.

ProRM: inspiration, efficiency and success for our business

It is important to note that through ProRM (Dynamics 365 tool), we will be able to record the activities relevant to the Status of our business projects , the costs, and also the results that will help us make rational and convenient decisions, at the moment. appropriate.

It is worth noting that through the Dynamics 365 mobile application we can have access to all ProRM functions, from any mobile device, Ipad, and tablets. With this mobile application we can attend to our businesses and projects from anywhere in the world where we are. For example, we can make appointments, assignments, workloads, follow-up time, among other relevant activities.

Personalised Application Choice

As you may already know, there are no two business models and projects that are identical. That is why all the different variations of business procedures as well as the requirements can be managed, planned, and also analysed by a multifunctional ProRM solution, which is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This solution has been designed in a personalised way, so that in this way our business or company has the tools that it really needs. With this, we will only pay what we need, and also without excesses, since we will have the possibility of gathering the best applications (adjusting and extending them) when we need it.

Project Gantt in Dynamics 365

One of the advantages that ProRM offers us is the usability based on the design of the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 interface. In this sense, users will be able to have a very comfortable and simple experience, as well as being useful and intuitive.

As with Microsoft Dynamics 365, with this tool we will not have inconsistency problems when we have to mix sales, marketing and service data.

In that sense, we will be able to increase the possibilities in project management, in addition to the benefit that it will represent for our company or business, being able to combine Dynamics 365 and proRM; both will facilitate our company the interconnection between the different administrators, clients and resources.

What combinations can we make between Dynamics 365 and ProRM Business Solutions for Sales?

Solutions for sales is a unified tool that covers all procedures related to customers. It also has the following features:

Increases efficiency in the management of projects related to consulting services, planning of targeted resources and reduction of risks related to the project.

It facilitates the complete vision in real time , of the situation of the project, costs and results; This is possible, thanks to the intuitive monitoring which is based on the costs and times of the project.

What Benefits does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Bring us in Different Jobs?

Project Managers

  • You will be able to have a complete vision of the progress of all the company’s projects

  • You will be able to notice quickly, when unexpected increases in project time occur

  • Gives you fully synchronised project data

  • You will be able to generate forecasts and calculations with greater precision

  • You will quickly and accurately identify the ideal team members to perform the tasks

  • You will be able to monitor the milestones, and also make adjustments in a simple and efficient way

  • You will have the possibility to evaluate in real time everything that happens in the company or business

Sales team

  • You will easily visualise the progress of all the projects of the company

  • You will be able to take action quickly, in the event of an unexpected increase in the duration of the project

  • It will visualise the data of the project in a synchronised way

  • You can make forecasts and various calculations with great precision

  • You will be able to quickly identify team members with great potential to execute the tasks

  • You will be able to perform milestones, as well as make adjustments efficiently and quickly

  • You will visualise and evaluate the events that occur, in real time

Project Consultants

  • Quickly and simply perform data logging

  • They will have the possibility of linking travel and food costs directly to project data

  • They will no longer have to rely on various programs to execute projects

  • They will be able to have the knowledge of the time they need to execute each task

The boss

  • You only need one software package

  • You can choose the modules you need to move projects forward

  • You’ll get great foresight in addition to cash flow planning

  • You will obtain a high quality billing for the various services included in the project. With this you can avoid losses for billed services

The client

  • Dynamics 365 will offer the client a more detailed, fast and highly efficient consultancy for projects

  • You will be able to follow the progress of the project at the time you require it

  • You will receive information, through clear analyzes

  • You will have the guarantee that your project will be carried out, with the best member of the team

 What project management modules does Dynamics 365 offer?

Among the project management modules offered by Dynamics 365, are the following:

Project Tree

This is one of the fundamental elements that a project manager requires. By means of the project tree, we will be able to visualise, with absolute transparency, all the projects of our company. This project tree includes: project planning, field work, and also archived projects.

Gantt Project

Through the Gantt project, we will obtain a very clear vision about the situation and progress of our projects (by client, or by groups of clients) . By means of a graphical representation of the tasks, we will be able to visualise the complexity of each of them and their relationships. With the Gantt project, even the most complex projects can be managed.

Budget planning

It is necessary that the budget planning of any project be clear and transparent for the parties involved. Through Dynamics 365 budget planning, we can easily and efficiently allocate and redistribute all available resources for the project.

Approval Manager

The approval manager is a tool with which we can approve and reserve the editions of the projects. The changes that are made will be clearly documented, since they manage and control the reservations, the cleaning of the various elements, and also the costs in a simple and clear way.

Control manager

Through the project control manager, through simple and specific visualisations, we will be able to observe the administrative procedures. In addition, this tool allows us to clearly understand projects lacking structures.

Template Editor

Regarding the template editor for projects, this will make the processes easier, since it will be able to create any type of template for the Gantt structures.

Bulk Booking

Bulk Booking is vital for the development of projects, since it will provide us with quick and easy corrections, and also in a controlled manner.

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