How to Export AOL Email Folders to Gmail?

Export AOL Email Folders to Gmail

User Question 1. “We are looking for a solution on how to Export AOL Email Folders to Gmail. Can you help us find a secure solution?

User query 2.”I was working with AOL webmail client in my previous organization but now I have to use Gmail in my current organization. Is there any suggestions on how to initiate migration from AOL email to Google Mail Inbox?

AOL Mail is a free online email service that is provided by AOL. In 1993 the two companies America Online (AOL) and Delphi started integrating their own proprietary webmail service with the browser. In the year 1997 AOL Mail became the largest and most well-known webmail service provider, boasting more than 9 million customers.

Gmail is a free service that was created by Google. Anyone can access Gmail using the Internet browser by using third-party tools that aid in setting up using the POP/IMAP protocol.

Moving on towards the manual method for importing AOL mails, with no doubt.

  1. How do I Forward AOL mail to Gmail 2019 using a variety of free Methods?

These guidelines will assist anyone find the answer to the question ‘How do I transfer AOL emails to Gmail’.

  • In the beginning, copy every email message you would like forward to your AOL Mail SPAM and Sent mail folders into the folder named AOL Mail saved mail or another folder that you have created. Emails stored in Drafts and Spam folders haven’t yet moved.

  • Second, sign in the Google Mail Profile. Google Mail Profile.

  • The third step is to redirect users to the Settings device within Google.

  • Next, click Settings in the menu on the next step.

  • Choose then the Accounts and Import tabs.

  • Then, you can select Import contacts and mail. If you’ve recently transferred emails, click Import from a different address. The Import dialog box will appear.

  • Enter your AOL email id under ”From which account do you wish to import your mail from ?”.

  • Now, hit Continue.

  • Fill in the AOL Mail security key under enter the password for

  • Next, tap Continue.

  • Make sure that the Import contacts and Import mail is highlighted. To receive messages from your AOL account Copy all items in your inbox to Gmail for one month. Next, tap Import new mail for consecutive 30 days.

  • Then, tap “begin import” then tap OK.

  • This strategy will prove useful both for technical and beginners to address the issue of ‘How to Export AOL’s email folders into Gmail‘.

  1. How to Restrict Automatic Forward AOL Mail?

  • Log in first with your Gmail account using the correct password.

  • Then, tap the gear icon for settings within Gmail.

  • Then, click Settings in the pop-up that follows.

  • Now, click Accounts and Import options.

  • Under the Import Contacts and Mail part Click the Stop button or delete next the account you wish to limit messages coming from.

  • Then, click OK to confirm you want to restrict the import of emails to the Gmail account. This email will get deleted in a matter of minutes.

Drawbacks: This method of exporting AOL messages to Google mail can be quite time-consuming. The synchronization process takes a long time and rarely yields satisfactory results.

  1. Professional Approach to Export AOL Emails to Gmail:

This method isn’t able for more effective outcomes. However, don’t be concerned and try using Regain AOL Backup Tool to automate the forwarding of AOL Calendars, Mails and Calendars to Gmail. One will be ecstatic to discover that the tool has sophisticated features that not many other tool has.

  • The program is able to download AOL messages to the hard drives in various file formats like CSV, PST, MBOX PDF DOC DOCM, HTML or AOL. MHTML and PNG. TXT, etc.

  • The software does not allow duplicate messages by analyzing To From, To, subject body pattern, bccc, subject.

  • A built-in Pause and Resume option to manage Backup and the backup process .

  • The software ensures that there is there are no misalignment of data during the migration process.

  • It can save AOL messages as DOCM, PDF, DOC and other files to facilitate communication.

  • It is easy to migrate AOL messages seamlessly to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Office 365, etc. webmail services.

  • Wrapping It Up:

The technique is extensively researched and is designed to give exact results. In any way it is found that the method does not suffice to answer the question “How to Export AOL email folders to Gmail’. If so, the user will definitely access a third party program to secure a backup within the desired mail program.

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