How To Check If Jordan’s Are Fake?

Jordans shoes

Jordan’s are without a doubt the most sought-after basketball shoe brand in the world. When the first Jordan, the Air Jordan 1, was released in 1984, it revolutionized the basketball shoe industry. Take a note: buy Air Jordan sneakers from the best online sneaker store


It evolved from a pair of basketball sneakers to a fashion emblem and cultural icon. So, where do Jordans come from?

Authentic Jordans are made in China, as are the majority of fake Jordans. A pair of authentic Jordan shoes cost Nike a little more than $16, and they sell for $250-$550 on Amazon.

It’s evident how cheap imitation Jordans can be (around $16), and scammers can make a profit even if they mark them up to $25-$30.

Jordans cost between $115 and $170. On the official Nike website, you can also find true Air Jordans 1 sneakers for under $100 and kids Jordans for $50-$65.

How to Find Out Fake Jordans?

The genuineness of Jordans may be determined by comparing the Jumpman logo. The arms and legs of the fake Jumpman appear to be at an incorrect angle, and the arms and legs appear to be proportionally thicker. To tell the difference between fake and real Jordans, look at the barcode on the shoe tag.

The easiest approach to find cheap yet authentic Jordans is to hunt for Nike shops and reliable marketplaces. Here are some keywords to search for: 

  • Clearance Jordans Section

  • Nike Factory Stores

  • Nike Clearance Stores

  • Sole Seriouss

Jordan is greater than ever more than three decades after the release of the Air Jordan 1. Jordan Brand generated over $3.1 billion in revenue for Nike in 2019. Furthermore, Jordans have a sizable resale market.

Jordan accounts for a large portion of the global sneaker resale market, which is now estimated to be worth more than $2 billion.

With so much money at stake, it’s no surprise that a burgeoning fake Jordan business has emerged to defraud naive buyers.

These forgers have advanced to a high level of sophistication. As a result, if you ever want to buy Jordans, you should understand how to spot fakes.

Avoid Jordans that are too cheap to be true. Examine the shoebox’s quality. Make sure that the Nike style code and UPC number on the shoe tag and the manufacturing sticker are correct.

Jordans should not be purchased on Alibaba or Aliexpress. Jordans aren’t $30 if they’re authentic.

Look at the Jumpman emblem on the shoebox as well as the shoe itself. Check them against an authentic Jumpman logo to ensure they’re identical. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the real and fraudulent Jumpman logos.

On true Jordans, the Jumpman emblem has a very clean edge and a high-quality appearance. The edge of the Jumpman emblem on faux Jordans can be hazy and untidy, with loose threads falling out.

On imitation Jordans, the Jumpman emblem itself might appear cheap.

The Jumpman emblem is of different colors and is placed in different places on the shoe for different Jordan models and colorways.

You can look at photographs of your Jordan model and colorway online to determine the proper color and positioning of the Jumpman emblem.

While buying sneakers online, compare the photographs you discovered with your Jordans to ensure that the Jumpman insignia on your shoe is the correct color and placement.


The shoeboxes of genuine Jordans are durable and well-made. To ensure that the shoebox is genuine, go over the following checklist:

  • Different Air Jordan models come in a variety of shoeboxes, each with its design and color scheme. Look up photographs of the precise shoebox for your Jordan model on the internet. Check to see whether it matches the package your Jordans came in.

  • Make sure the shoebox lid fits snugly over the body of the shoebox, with no gaps.

  • The box’s colors should be consistent, with no fading regions.

  • On the lid and the side of the box, there should be Air Jordan Jumpman logos.

  • Look for a sewn-in tag within the shoe. It should be printed with a size and a Nike-style code. Make sure they match your shoe’s real size and Nike style code.

  • A Jordan’s tag is often located behind the tongue or on the side of the shoe.

  • The number printed on the box’s side of the manufacture label with the logo on top of the number is the same number featured on the real Jordan’s shoe tag, which is a 9 digit number.

Size Tag

Based on the size tag, there are a few ways to differentiate a real Air Jordan from a fake Jordan:

  • The size tag is surrounded by a white border. This white frame on actual Jordans is composed of a solid, thick material. The frame material of fake Jordans is usually thinner and more fragile.

  • The size tag on real Jordans is printed in a crisp font with well-defined edges. The typography on faux Jordans is of lesser quality, with smeared and fuzzy edges. A cleanly printed barcode can also be found on the size tag of true Jordans. The barcode on the size tag of imitation Jordans usually has smudged edges.

UPC Code 

Look up the 12-digit UPC stamped on the size tag inside your shoe to figure out what model and colorway of Jordan you have. After that, you can use an online barcode database like Barcode Lookup to look up the UPC. Based on the UPC you submitted, the online barcode database will tell you what model and colorway of Jordan you have. Buy Air Jordan sneakers from the best online sneaker store

Wrapping Up 

Overall, we must admit that it would have been tough for us to discern the difference between real and fake Air Jordan shoes. The shoe box, packing, logo placement, fabrics, stitching, and shape of the unlicensed pair were nearly identical yet one can examine it. 

Buy sneakers from the best online sneaker store, so you can be sure about buying the fake and real pair of Air Jordan. If the price is too low to be true then avoid buying it because it might be fake. 

If you have to buy from an unauthorized source, make sure you verify to see if your Jordans are authentic. Unreasonably cheap shoes should be avoided. Check to see if the colorway you’re buying is available.

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