How to Care for Bathroom Furniture?

The bathroom is the one area that requires regular cleaning, unlike living areas ‌you may skip cleaning for a few days. Being busiest place in most homes, the bathroom is much more exposed to dust, dirt and occasional spills. Surfaces like bathroom furniture, toilets, baths, and sink can have marks of soap scums, hard water deposits, mold or mildew and other gross build-ups‌. It is, therefore, essential to make regular cleaning a top priority. While care for all bathroom fittings and fixtures is essential, bathroom furniture is more prone to damages from moist exposure. Regardless of the type of material your vanity unit has, consistent exposure to moisture will ultimately damage it.

However, there are various ways to look after your bathroom furniture and keep it looking like new for a long time. 

Keep The Bathroom Vanity Units Dry

It is difficult to keep your bathroom moisture free all the time. Therefore, exposure is inevitable. However, you can do many things to avoid damage. For example, simply try to keep your cabinets dry as much as possible. It will prevent the risk of water-related damage and the growth of mould & mildew. Besides that, you should also make sure that all the items stored inside the cabinets are dry before storage. For example, toothbrushes, towels, and razors should be dry. Otherwise, your cabinets will eventually damage and may become home to cockroaches. If it is not possible to keep them dry, you may use a plastic bag to store these items. 

Clean Bathroom Furniture Regularly

Bathroom furniture regular cleaning more than other fittings and fixtures. You should make a schedule for cleaning at least twice a week. However, cleaning may  depend on the type of cabinet material. For example, if you have melamine or vinyl cabinet doors, then these will need cleaning with simple damp clothes. If you cannot remove it, then you may use furniture cleaning. However, ‌make sure it does not have silicon in it.  . In case you need to clean high gloss cabinet doors, you can use a liquid cleaner available on the market.

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However, it should not have aggressive chemicals that may damage the surface. If you are planning for drawers, runners, or door hinges, it should wipe these off with simple, damp, soapy clothes. It should not clean the roller or hinges that give your cabinet movement with harsh chemicals as these are lubricated and should not be whipped off from it. If it is a vanity sink unit with a worktop, then cleaning it will require clothes with soapy water to clean the surface. You should avoid using bleaches or any harsh chemicals to avoid losing its glossy looks and appearance. 

 Be Careful with Spills

Bathroom furniture upper deck surface is often a space where you keep most of your items. Therefore, there are times when the toothpaste or mouth wash spills over the surface. It is important that you clean it as soon as possible to avoid the problem. If leftover, these may damage the gloss finish of your furniture. While sometimes these can even leave a stain or marks on the surface. You may even find it difficult to remove if left untreated for longer. 

Keep an Eye for The Leaks.

One of the most common problems that cause damage to the bathroom furniture is leaks and puddles. You should keep a watchful eye over any tap or pipe dripping continuously. It is important to try to fix this problem, even if it is small. In case it is a vanity sink unit, then it is better to immediately cut off the water supply to prevent damage to the vanity unit. The aim should be to keep the bathroom area dry as much as possible and have minimum moisture exposure to your vanities. Moreover, you should not even leaf any sort of water pooling around the vanity, even if it is due to a blocked drain or any other reason. 

Ensure Efficient Ventilation. 

You may wonder why we stress about ventilation for bathroom furniture. It is because if you don’t have ventilation, it may cause incredible damage to the bathroom and, particularly, vanity units. When the steam and moisture build up has nowhere to leave, it will create a highly moist environment in the bathroom. Such an environment damages your furniture and creates a mould & mildew problem. Therefore, an extraction fan is essential for a safer and better bathroom environment and for caring for bathroom furniture. 

Final Thoughts. 

Bathroom furniture needs more care than the standard bathroom fittings and fixtures. If you want it to look new for a long time, then you should follow our tips provided in this blog. A few things to keep in mind are wiping the spills as soon as possible, avoiding using the harsh chemical for cleaning, keeping an eye on water dripping from taps and anywhere else, and ensuring proper ventilation. 

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