Goechala Trek: A Perfect Detailed Guide


Trekking in the Himalayas always feels blissful. Goechala trek is old. Emerging as an Solac and alternative for trekking to the highest points, this trail took people close to the third highest mountain in the world. It fills you with the stunning view of singalila range from Deongri top.

Hidden deep inside the densely packed jungles of the Kanchenjunga National Park this trail offers you the most breathtaking views of almost 14 other summits. This range is elevated to the height of almost  15100 feet above the sea level being graded as one of the difficult Treks it  takes 10 plus days to complete.

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What not to miss

  • Eye-catching thing in this trek is the sunrise from the Kanchenjunga range.

  • Walking to the bursting pink and red flowers for the wooden log trail during the month of April and May is just so delightful. 

  • The view Of mount pandim getting reflected in the samiti lake is a visual treat.

Highlights of the Goechala trek

  • If you believe that the Himalayas had a lot of mystery behind its rough outlook. then the dense Jungle at an exceptionally high altitude is one among them.

  • watching Mt.pandim while sitting next to the prekchu river in that  burbling sound is a heavenly experience .

  • Watching the first Ray of sun Kanchenjunga after tracking the previous night and reaching the viewpoint one is magical.

  • crossing through the three suspension bridges- pha khola, tshushay khola and mentagang khola and staring deep into the Gorge meddling with the pebbles and flowing through is a peaceful sight. 

  • The Goechala trek has everything bundled up in the high elevation; you will not believe that there is a monastery at an elevation of 9500 ft at the range. This monastery is at tsokha and has a meditative view .

  • If you ever wanted to feel extreme changes then this trek will take you through that you will come across the dramatic changes in the terrain from tshokha To dzongri the entire path is packed with dense forest but after phe dang it takes you to the Barren terrain and after that from  kokchuRang to Thaming ,river prekchu flow deep in the gorges and all of a sudden cuts Through the Jungle. It Then leads you to the wooden Bridge.

  • If the Sun rise from viewpoint 1 was so mystical then this is going to be Majestic  since you will get to witness the sunrise from the top of dzongri at the elevation of 13,778 feet is so marvelous.

  • Here is what the entire tracking experience is going to take you through: you will be roughly covering about 65.7 km in about 10 plus days.

The best time to visit Goechala 

This trek has different faces. Visiting it during one particular season is totally unfair

  • Never miss a chance to visit this place during the spring that is during the month of April and May

  • Also you should give a try in autumn during the months of October and November

  • In Spring you will find snow patches at about 10,000feet and  the temperature during the day is around 15 degree Celsius and foot drop down to sub zero levels.

  • During autumn it gets really colder and the temperature at night would dip down upto – 10 degree Celsius.

Things you need to take care of

  • Make sure you are not suffering from any medical illness that is related to height

  • If you have difficulties in breathing it is advised that you take medical advice from your doctor and then take up this trek

  • Be sure and ensure that you are physically fit to take up this trek as you need to climb rough Terrain and high mountains.

  • It is advised that , it is better if you take up this trek after having some experience in hiking up a Himalayan range. 

Things to carry

  • The first and foremost thing you need to carry is you’re thermal wears woolen clothes and extra pair of socks 

  • Make sure to carry trekking shoes gloves your sunglasses

  • In this trek you need to carry 2 trekking poles that would support you when climbing 

  • Apart from all these things make sure to carry your personal first aid kit and medication

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