Genuine Method to Convert an OST File to a PST File

How to Convert an OST File to a PST File?
Outlook PST files are a great way to import and export mail, and they’re frequently used to back up your inbox. OST files, on the other hand, cannot be imported but contain all of your email messages. So, how can we convert an OST file to a PST file, preferably for free? Or use Recommended Software OST to PST converter.

When you use an IMAP connection or have enabled Cached Exchange Mode for your account, Outlook will create OST files. A local copy of the mail is kept in both cases. This allows you to access and read your email even if you don’t have access to the internet. When you connect to your (Exchange) mail server, the local copy is synced every time.

If there is a data loss on the mail server side, or if you need to recover a deleted mailbox, converting the OST file to PST will allow you to import the mail again.

Manually Converting OST to PST for Free
There are several free methods for manually converting from OST to PST, but all of them require access to the Outlook profile. Because the OST file can only be opened with the same profile, this is the case.

The method described below is the only one that works. Exporting the mailbox to PST is the quickest and easiest method if you have access to the Outlook profile. Yes, you can use Outlook’s Auto Archiving feature, but it will only export items that are more than x days old.

You could also create a new PST file and then drag-and-drop the items from the Outlook profile to it, but exporting to PST is far more convenient.

When you want to export your mailbox to a PST file, you don’t need internet access. To convert an OST file to a PST file, you only need access to the Outlook profile.

OST to PST conversion

5 minutes are required.
We’ll need Outlook self to manually convert an OST file to a PST file. Ascertain that you can access the original Outlook profile.

  • Open Outlook and select File from the File menu.

  • Choose Import/Export from the Open & Export menu.

  • Choose Export to a file from the drop-down menu.

  • Select the Outlook Data File option (.pst)

  • Select the folder or the entire account that you want to export.

  • Ensure that Include subfolders is checked.

  • Next, select an export location, and then click Finish.

  • When the export is complete, you’ll have a PST file with which you can import your emails into another account.

The Most Effective OST to PST Converter
Your only option if you don't have access to the Outlook profile is to use an OST to PST converter, which is a paid third-party solution. I understand that you are looking for a free way to convert OST files, but there are no such tools available.

Yes, there are many tools that claim to be free, but they all have some sort of restriction. They can only export a certain number of items, or they can't open the OST file because they don't have the Outlook profile (and if you have access to the Outlook profile, you can use the manual method described earlier)

On Spiceworks and Reddit, there are two tools on the market that are well-known and highly recommended by IT pros. Both are excellent at converting OST files to PST and are capable of recovering all of the data from your OST files.

OST Converter by SysTools
SysTools OST Converter is a very powerful converter that can export OST files that are corrupted, damaged, encrypted, or even password protected. The tool has an Outlook 2007 / 2010 look and feel, making it very easy to navigate and search through the OST file.
You must first select your OST file before using SysTools OST Converter. The OST file is located in the user’s Local AppData folder:
Depending on the size of the OST file, it may take a few minutes to open. In the folder tree, look for the user’s inbox under Root – Mailbox > IPM SUBTREE > Inbox.

When you navigate the left-hand folder tree, you’ll notice that all of the data, including contacts, calendar items, and content from shared mailboxes, is recoverable.

Converting an OST file to a PST file

You’ll most likely want to export the data once you’ve found it. SysTools can export a variety of file types, including:

  • PST

  • PDF

  • MBOX

  • MSG

  • EML

  • HTML

You can simply select the folder you require, select the destination, and click on export. What’s great about SysTools is that you can try it out with your OST file before you buy it.

To test the SysTools OST Converter, simply download it and run it in demo mode. It’s also very affordable at $49, so it’s a win-win situation.
Online OST to PST Converter

On the internet, there are a few online OST to PST converter services. They may appear to be a complimentary service, but they are not. For the conversion, you’ll have to pay around $10 per GB.

Keep in mind that you’re sending your entire mailbox, including all of your personal and possibly sensitive data, to a company you don’t know.

An OST file can be converted to a PST file for free if you have access to the Outlook profile. You have no choice but to use one of the recovery tools if you only have the OST file.

All of the free tools available on the internet are limited. They may display the contents of the OST file, but only a limited number of items can be exported.

When it comes to converting your OST file, a good tool like SysTools or Stellar will save you a lot of time.


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