Camping in Coorg: Complete Details

Coorg is the place to visit for anyone who loves nature as it is situated amid stunning mountains in Karnataka with a perpetually fog-filled landscape. It’s just 270 km away from Bangalore and 120 km from Mysore and is perfect for weekend getaways. For those who are into adventure Here are some campsites for camping in the forest of Coorg.

Camping in Coorg: Complete Details


Evergreen County is a plant that manufactures bamboo homes and cane houses and is ideal for camping, providing the idea of letting tourists abandon the synthetic and revel in the true natural beauty of Coorg. The smell of the coffee trees from coffee farms nearby Silver Oak pepper farms, as well as beautiful vegetable gardens can be appreciated. This resort takes guests on an adventure that includes night hikes , as well as barbecue campfires on evenings!


This beautiful camp located in Coorg is tucked away in the forest and is surrounded by what could be called a nature paradise. You can set up a beautiful camp within the Coorg vegetation and shrubs that is perfect to camp out with solo travelers. The excellent camp hosts’ meals, along with bonfire evenings, are well-known. In this camp there’s no room to complain!


The Wood Shack, an old-school setting of the countryside with the habitation of wooden huts, mud houses and wooden huts offers rustic experiences as well as a bag of memories. The camping experience with the Wood Hut has the added benefit of allowing guests to try authentic Coorg food cooked by the hosts of the camp. It’s not possible to resist an outdoor barbecue in the middle of a vast area of lush vegetation with steep hills and a campfire would you?


To experience the natural beauty, stay clear of the extravagant resort suites and go to this Coorg camping area. You can stay in tent cabins or cots, and take part in various adventures like hiking and canoeing, climbing, swimming in the river, and even snorkelling. If you’re in the midst of natural beauty of all shades and shades of green it’s hard to resist an excursion to camp at Jungle Mount in Coorg!


Maday holidays are a great time to reconnect with the natural elements of the earth. It is also a time to harmonise with nature. They also receive warmth and hospitality in the Western Ghats. In this area, you can enjoy various modern conveniences while experiencing the joy of unadulterated experience. The views take visitors away from the normal urban landscape and plunge you into the world where man-made things are rare!


A bamboo-wooden cabin situated on the top of a treehouse is your ideal getaway spot in the tranquil landscape of flora and hills that are mysterious. Anyone who is looking for adrenaline will be able to take part in camp activities like night safaris, jungle hikes, trekking in tents, camping on the beach, and mountain treks to experience the excitement of an outdoor adventure. Food and drinks at this camp are sure to be a pleasant extra!


In this camp area in Coorg spacious and comfy tents allow for a relaxing and comfortable life set in a beautiful landscape with lush greenery and trees. The warm tents and thatched shelters are the camp’s USPs that allow you to connect and relax with other campers! Coffee tours or jeep rides, trips through the woods, and the hunt for crabs are all aspects of the camping experience. You’ll enjoy yourself!


This camping area in Coorg offers a modern camping experience that is surrounded by Coorg’s natural splendor. Coorg is equipped with well-constructed covered roofs, mattresses that are low and restrooms adjacent to semi-circular tents. Get great mountain-inspired refreshments in the open area that overlooks the town! Adventure and camping go hand-in-hand so set off on an excursion into the forest with vehicle excursions with campfires in pitch-dark, pitch-dark, and views of the waterfall.


Alpine Campsites located in a country ravaged by the anarchy of commercialism, provide the tranquility of the natural beauty of plants and trees, with a view of distant Coorg mountains. A large green lawn with an open fire and a place for shade or to relax is dotted with campers from a distance. On the other hand there are some important amenities, including an open-air lounge that allow guests to relax and eat, if the open-concept is too much for them!


The Coorg camp site, hidden within an enveloping forest, offers an experience that is truly in the forest, camping facilities are built in or in the forest. The resting areas resemble a traditional rural home, with thatched roofs, and minimal furniture. Alongside the adventure there are hammocks for you to lay back and relax while taking in the natural beauty of the forest all day long as well as the campfire that is the only source of light in the evening. This appears to be an adventure that you’d be willing to take on and it’s amazing!

Camping in Coorg: Complete Details


It’s a unique experience camping by the road in Coorg that is equipped with modern facilities as well as a wealth of natural beauty situated close to the Cauvery River’s banks. River. It’s an influence of the style of camping in the western countries which includes a massive tank that is used for tribal fishing. Everything from camping equipment to barbeque grills are available to hire at a very low cost and all you have to do is arrive to enjoy a different camping experience. It hopes to brew coffee for its campers quickly, while also brewing the best coffee in Coorg!

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