Best Weekend Getaways From Delhi Under Rs 5000

Living in the Delhi NCR offers its own set of advantages. For starters, it is close to some truly beautiful sites that can be visited over the weekend. A perfect weekend getaway would be one that does not need much travel and is inexpensive. Here are some weekend getaway alternatives for family or friends. Long weekends are the equivalent of chicken soup for the working soul. They are the therapeutic days in a month when holidays fall on a weekend, making them longer than the typical 2-day respite. If you haven’t planned your weekend getaway yet, we have some fantastic options for you where you can simply pack your bags and go – all for less than Rs 5000. We recommend carpooling or using an overnight bus to save money. 

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Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Bharatpur, although only 200 kilometers from the city, is a 3-4 hour tour away from Delhi. The Keoladeo National Park, a world heritage site, draws birdwatchers from all across the country. During the winter, Bharatpur is home to a large number of migrating birds. If you want to see the colorful Brij Festival, plan your vacation just before Holi. It won’t even cost you 5K if you split the petrol costs evenly amongst yourselves and pay the INR 101 entry fee to the national park. The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary can be explored in four to five hours. During this time, you can identify birds, take a tonga ride with your family, and fill up on souvenirs at the gift shop located at the start of the tour.


How do 300 kilometers of unadulterated scenery sound? Plan a road trip to Binsar, located in the Kumaon area of Uttarakhand, about 380 kilometers from Delhi. The Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, which has been designated as an important bird location, has also made the town famous. If you’re lucky, you might even see a leopard or a barking deer. The tickets cost INR 40 per passenger, with an additional INR 50 per automobile. Binsar is a spectacular hill station located 33 kilometers north of the Uttarakhand town of Almora. Binsar tourism is defined by its stunning natural magnificence, Binsar fauna diversity, abundant vegetation, and the scarcity of Bineshwar Mahadev.


The picture-perfect hill station is 13 kilometers from Nainital and 305 kilometers from Delhi. The most popular places for birdwatching are Snow View Point and Kilbury. There are numerous streams in and near Pangot, so make time for sightseeing. Will you be staying? A night at the Jungle Lore Birding Lodge would set you back about INR 3,000. Split that with your friends, along with the fuel, and you’ve got yourself a great little budgeted vacation. India is well-known throughout the world for its diverse flora and wildlife. Pangot is a lovely hamlet in the state of Uttarakhand, located barely 15 kilometers from the ‘city of lakes’ Nainital. 

Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska is a great place to visit with a group of friends in Alwar, Rajasthan, and is only a short drive from the capital. People have been effective in locating the striped animal away from paw prints and one too many deer. If you divide the fuel and pay the entry charge of INR 25 per person, with an additional expense of INR 150 per person for a guided jeep trip, you’re still well inside the budget. There are plenty of places to stay around the park; share lodging rates and return the next day. Sariska National Park or Sariska Tiger Reserve, located around 100 kilometers from the Pink City of India, is one of the most well-known locations for tiger sightings in India.


This sacred city is a must-see for anyone interested in spirituality or searching for a fantastic photo opportunity. If praying, pilgrimage and rituals don’t pique your interest, Vrindavan is a wonderful site to just observe. Because it is intended for pilgrims, hotels start as little as INR 600 for a night if you plan to remain overnight. The MVT Guesthouse, which costs roughly INR 2,000 per night, is a slightly pricier choice. Vrindavan is a sacred town in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is well-known for its numerous Lord Krishna temples, as well as its lively and celebratory atmosphere. It has turned into a Hindu pilgrimage place. Vrindavan is also recognized for providing shelter to widows who choose to spend the rest of their life in the company of the Lord.

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