Best Tips to Write a Job Resume for Remote Work

When the Coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt the staff, it is crucial to write your job resume for remote work. If you’ve recently worked remotely, you will need to understand how to put it on your resume so that potential employers can see this. In today’s job market, the better you do this, the simpler it can be for you to find work. 

There is some great news if you are looking for a remote job: As more companies hire remote employees to join their team, the number of remote work opportunities has grown in the past year.

There are multiple perks to working from home: no travel, more freedom, fewer distractions, and higher productivity. Working outside of the office, just like anything else, has its drawbacks. Consider isolation, collaboration difficulties, and the dilemma that can arise while establishing a healthy work-life balance.

This article will explain why it’s essential to include remote work experience on your CV, how to write a job resume for remote work, and some tips on creating your resume, which stands out.

Why Should you Add Remote Work Experience to your CV?

Traditional jobs and remote jobs are entirely different. If you have little job experience, make sure your CV reflects that so your potential employer understands you are well educated for the remote position they’re recruiting for. If work-from-home jobs are available, most companies look for employees who have the flexibility to work remotely. If you’re looking for remote work, your resume must showcase your ability to work from home, just like any other job which emphasizes your expertise and qualifications.

How to Write Your Job Resume for Remote Work?

Many working professionals are looking for new employment opportunities after being fired or dismissed due to the covid-19 pandemic—people seeking jobs while adopting social distancing and quarantine laws especially demand work-from-home options. Using your remote job experience and transferable abilities can help you remain competitive. 

Some Ways to Add Your Remote Work Experience

Here are several ways to add your remote work experience to your resume, which includes:

1. Add your remote job experience in CV

Take into consideration adding your remote job experience to your resume if you have a list of qualifications. Because this section is at the top of your resume, recruiters will clearly understand that you can work remotely. Usually, this section consists of a bulleted list which summarizes your job experience and how it connects to the position. Consequently, if you’re seeking remote work, add information about your previous small job experience and how it benefits the organization.

Here are a few key points that must be considered, which include:

  • Accumulated ten years of experience working as a graphic designer.

  • Experienced in working with a wide range of customers and timeframes.

  • Managed a team of qualified designers and leading an organization rebranding.

  • For four years, maintained a remote work position.

2. Highlight your remote job experience

When you list your prior positions in the job experience section of your CV, you can also highlight your remote job history. It can be accomplished by writing a summary in the job description which informs recruiters that you completed a specific work remotely, by leaving a corporation’s state and city and including a sentence that states the job was remote, or by writing “remote work” rather than the city and state altogether. 

3. Create an extra section for your remote job experience

Think about creating a new section on your CV dedicated to remote work if you have relevant remote job experience. It is an excellent way to demonstrate to remote employers that you have a lot of experience in this field and can do the job they’re recruiting for.

4. Include it in your work history descriptions

A further method to add your remote job experience is to highlight it when discussing your past work responsibilities. Include a sentence stating that you accomplished this job off-site, just like you would highlight what you did in past positions. 

5. Include it into your skills section

Although working remotely is an ability, you can add your experience in the skills section of your CV. It’s also crucial to think about how your other skills can help you in a remote work environment. For instance, consider highlighting your skills to keep connected via video conferences, voice calls, or email if you have excellent communication skills. These are practical approaches that remote employees use to interact with their teams.

Some Tips to Write Your Job Resume for Remote Work

Here are several tips for writing your job resume for remote work, which includes:

1. Customize it to a specific job

It’s crucial to be aware of the job that you are applying for while writing a resume. If you are looking for remote work, be sure you understand how the organization works remotely. Furthermore, you must check the job description and only include job experience and abilities on your resume. Then, customize a CV, which suits the company’s requirements, while demonstrating to recruiters how you can positively add to their remote staff.

2. Emphasize your transferrable skills

If you work in a coronavirus-affected sector and want to change careers, emphasize the abilities and expertise, which can be transferred to another profession. For instance, consider discussing how you can use your strong time management skills in various industries and how it’s useful for remote work.

3. Add your past remote job experience 

For each remote position, your remote job experience is an essential element to add to your resume. Your work-from-home experience must stand out in the limited time your employer has to review your resume. With so much information already on your resume, you must discover the ideal place to avoid being ignored.

Some Key Takeaways

As remote jobs necessitate a specific set of skills, you will need your CV to highlight this, mainly if you’ve worked remotely before. It’s OK if you don’t. Considering the skills, you will have to excel, figure out which ones you already have, and emphasize them in your CV.

If your current company’s job is not oriented to your long-term goals, consider taking immediate measures. Give yourself time and think about where you’d like to be in the next few years. Feel free to contact JobsPivot for more jobs in Singapore and job opportunities to decide your professional path efficiently .

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