Best 5 Ways to Track Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body mass index(BMI) is a measure of the weight divided by the height of a person in meters. The medical specialists have decided the healthy range relative to every height and age.BMI Calculator by is the best way to determine whether your weight is falling in the required range of the weight. The BMI Calculator is really helpful in finding, and is able to maintain your weight according to the required range. If you find the weight is going out of the range, you can maintain the weight just in time. You can also find the BMI chart for kids, as kids may be obese due to inactivity, so parents can make their children healthy. For growing age, there is a BMI calculator for boys, as there are different requirements of the calories for growing age boys and kids. Grown men can use the BMI calculator  for men, as they need fewer calories as compared to kids, and boys. Girls have different requirements for kids and boys, so they can use a separate girl BMI calculator, so it is brilliant for girls to calculate their weight range separately.

There are five easy methods to determine your BMI if you want to measure your body fats and weight relative to your height and age:

  1. The mathematical calculation and BMI:

You can use simple mathematical calculations to determine if your BMI is in the average range or not. For this, you need to measure your waist circumference of the waist, and if you find the waist circumference is half your height, you can say your BMI is in the best of the range. The waist to height ratio is a good indicator, whether your BMI is in good range or not, it also helps to determine heart health. If this ratio exceeds a certain point, then it can be fatal for your heart health. You can also use the BMI Calculator, to make the double calculation to determine that your health is in the best of condition. 

  1. The DEXA method:

The DEXA or DXA is commonly used to assess the body composition of sportsmen. In DXA, we actually scan the whole body of the athletes, from which we determine the body composition, for example, the fat percentage of the body, muscle percentage, and bones. It is also used to find out the muscle balance in the athlete’s body. The DXA is used in sports to determine the health of the athletes, it is a bit costly method, so you need specific equipment to do the X-Rays analysis, but for the common calculation of BMI, it is better to use the BMI Calculator. To find out your BMI index, and try to improve it.

  1. Surface-Based Body Shape Index(SBSI):

The Surface-Based Body Shape Index(SBSI) is the volume measurement of your body shape, it is the method of calculating all the measurements of your body parts, for example belly, chest ratio. The online SBSI calculators can be used for automated calculation for different body parts. The SBSI would indicate according to your weight, are you have the appropriate range of all the body parts like your belly, chest, etc. You can also use the BMI Calculator along with the SBSI index to find out whether your body is in good shape or not.

  1. The hydrostatic weighing method:

This method is used to measure your overall health by submerging you under the water, the technique is used to submerge your body under the water and exhale as much air as possible from your lungs and then weigh your weight, and then compare your weight with the land weight. The amount of air remaining when you exhale under the water, all this information is used to determine your overall health and the force in your body. This calculation is best to find out your stamina during the game. These evaluations help to determine the power of the athlete’s body, you can also use the BMI Calculator regularly, whether your body fat is at an appropriate level.

  1. The body volume indicator:

The body volume indicator compares your total body volume with your belly. In this method, we find out the ratio of total body fats with visceral fat. You can use the iPad or the BVI Pro app to determine this ratio. You can consult a physiologist to measure your BVI by entering your vital data like your height, weight, age, gender, and fitness level. All this data can be a good indicator of your body’s health. You need to take two of your 3-D body photos and paste one in front and one in your back. The app would measure your body volume of body fats in less than 30 seconds and compare it to the visceral fats, abdominal volume, waist to hip ratio, and BMI. The calculation also helps to find your BVI number, these valuations present a more holistic calculation of your overall health and fitness.

Conclusion: Measuring your BMI index by using the BMI Calculator is a great way to determine your overall health. If you want the level of the growth of your young child, you can use the BMI chart for kids, to determine the health of your child. There is also a separate BMI calculator available for girls, so they find their BMI index by using the girl BMI calculator. It is great to find your unique BMI index, for example, if you’re a young boy, it is better to use the BMI calculator for boys. If you are a grown man, it is better to use the BMI calculator for men, as there are different calculations and variables required to find the BMI for kids, girls, boys, and men.

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