Batch Backup Office 365 Mailbox Data in Simple way

Batch Backup Office 365 Mailbox Data in Simple way

In this day and age of technology, every business is moving to the cloud. Office 365 has evolved into a critical tool for business growth. It’s a subscription-based SAAS (Software as a Service) application that’s meant to help people follow their dreams and expand their businesses. It did so by combining best-in-class apps such as Excel, Outlook, and OneDrive. It offers excellent applications such as OWA, Skype, Hosted Services, and Office Apps such as PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel, among others, to ensure complete business services, and you only pay for what you use. However, despite all of its excellent features, his data backup structure has a flaw. Microsoft explicitly states that it does not provide backup support for Outlook 365 so you can backup Office 365 Mailbox data using Easiest way Office 365 Backup and restore Software.

Is Backup Office 365 Mailbox Data Really Necessary When Data is Safe in The Cloud?

That data stored in the cloud is safe and secure is a myth in our society, but in reality, approximately 32% of organizations have experienced data loss in cloud storage. Catastrophic failure, user errors, malware, hacking, accidental deletion, and other factors are the most common causes of data loss.

In Microsoft Office 365, there is a feature in the retention policy that has a time limit to prevent this situation. But, once again, it is insufficient. It was at this point that the need for an automated tool arose. We have a tool that will not only backup all of your Office 365 mailbox data, but will also do so in a very secure manner.

Use a Microsoft Office 365 Backup Solution that is both Smart and Automated

One of the most dependable Office 365 Email Backup solutions is Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox Backup Utility, which can save O365 mailbox items into various file formats. In a matter of minutes, the tool can backup Office 365 to PST or EML format. It is having a user-friendly interface that allows a person to easily operate a product. It’s a fantastic response to the question, “Does Microsoft backup Office 365?”

What Does It Really Do?

It bulk downloads Office 365 mailboxes and converts them to PST/EML file format. It can save emails, contacts, and appointments/meetings to a PST file.
It also includes:
Granular Backup & Restore: In other words, you have the authority to backup only the data you need. A selective backup of an Exchange Online mailbox to PST allows you to choose specific folders from the source mailbox, giving you more control over what data is backed up.

It simply saves your backup copy of Office 365 emails, contacts, and calendars in your PC for as long as you want.

Batch Processing saves minutes:– It allows the administrator to back up a single, multiple, or all mailboxes in a single batch, including shared and primary mailboxes. Restore lost data from a backup PST file in multiple Office 365 accounts at the same time.

Needs There is no need for an additional server or resource:- It’s a one-time investment software that doesn’t require any help. Secure emails, contacts, and calendars in your preferred file format on an on-premise location with Office 365 backup. It takes the shortest amount of time to completely backup Office 365 mailbox data and restores tasks.

How It Works and How to Backup Office 365 Mailbox Data?

1st step This software should be installed and run on your computer. Choose Office 365 as the backup source and Outlook as the backup destination.

2nd Step Choose from the list of emails, contacts, calendars, and documents the Office 365 mailbox items that you require. If you need to backup data selectively, use a date filter.

3rd step To validate permissions, sign in to the portal with admin account details such as admin ID and application ID and click the validate button.

4th step Define the location where the resulting PST file will be saved.

5th step Select the required user mailbox from the drop-down menu and click the backup button to begin.

Is it True that Office 365 Emails are Backed up?

Disasters never ask permission before they strike. A hacker, on the other hand, will never notify you before stealing your information. It is your responsibility to keep your information safe. Everyone believes that data stored in the cloud is secure. But what can we do about user errors, especially since Microsoft has stated unequivocally that you are responsible for your own cloud data crashes? That is why using professional tools like Office 365 Backup & Restore to protect our data from security threats and data crashes is essential.


How can I be certain that my information will not be stored on this tool’s server?

This is the most trustworthy and secure tool available, and it is designed in such a way that it never saves any user data, account credentials, or other sensitive information to its server or any third-party system.

Is it possible to use this tool to create multiple Office 365 mailboxes in one go?

Yes, it allows users to backup the data of multiple user accounts at once. Users can choose to backup a single, multiple, or all of their Office 365 associated user accounts in a single attempt.

Is it possible to use this tool to backup the Office 365 Calendar?

Yes, this utility allows users to back up their emails, contacts, calendars, and documents to a local PST file without losing any data. Users simply need to select the required mailbox items from the workload selection and enable them.

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