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What is Black Orchid Dossier.Co?

Black Orchid Dossier is a blog that discusses the latest happenings in the black orchid industry. From trends to news, this blog is dedicated to providing the public with all the information they need to stay informed about this rapidly growing industry.
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Who is the Black Orchid Team?

The Black Orchid Team is a group of individuals who have come together to create one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly black orchid information resources on the internet. Our team includes both experienced growers and beginners, horticulturists and non-horticulturists, botanists and non-botanists, researchers and hobbyists from all over the world.
The Black Orchid Dossier has been created with the intention of providing users with an easy access to a wealth of information on the genus Orchis, black orchid varieties, cultivation techniques, how to identify common problems, and much more. We hope that you enjoy using our site!

How Did Black Orchid Founder and CEO, Nick Carson create Black Orchid?

Nick Carson is the founder and CEO of Black Orchid. He started the company in 2013 after working as a product manager for Google. What made him decide to start Black Orchid?
Carson says, “I was frustrated with the way that technology was impacting our lives and I wanted to create something that had a positive impact on people’s lives.” Black Orchid is a social enterprise that uses innovative technology to help people in need. How does Black Orchid use technology?
Black Orchid uses technology to connect donors with nonprofits and provide them with vital information about the causes they support.

Plans for the Future of Black Orchid Kickstarter, and other FUTURE PLANS

As we near the conclusion of our Black Orchid Dossier.Co Kickstarter campaign, we are still receiving a lot of questions and feedback from backers. Here are some of our plans for the future:

1) We will be continuing to work on all aspects of the game, including polishing content, bug fixing, and balancing.

2) We will be releasing more information about the characters in the game, as well as the story.

3) We will continue to update our website with new information and images related to the game.

4) We will be holding additional closed beta tests for the game in order to improve its quality.

5) We will continue to work on creating additional stretch goals for the game, which will include new and exciting features.


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