A Trip to the Highest Peak: Mullayanagiri Trekking

Mullayanagiri Trekking

The best part is that The Western Ghats are stunning and those who love the outdoors can find plenty of adventures there. The region stretches from Gujarat through Tamil Nadu, and it also encompasses Karnataka. The Mullayanagiri trek is one of the best treks you can explore. The summit offers stunning views of the lush Western Ghats as well as a sense that you are high above the world.

Mullayanagiri, which is the state’s highest hill, is among the most sought-after places for a visit to Karnataka. It is located in the Chikmagalur Taluk’s Baba Budangiri Hills and reaches up to 6,330 feet. It is named after Mulappa Swamy, a saint believed to meditate within the adjacent caves. Bats also share the same caves, and they can be explored. Sarpadhari Sarpadhari Mullayanagiri, Mullayanagiri, Mullayanagiri, Mullayanagiri, Mullayanagiri, Mullayanagiri, Mulla Mullayanagiri is one of the most sought-after Karnataka places to trek because it’s easy to access and the surroundings are stunning. It is possible to make the Mullayanagiri trek more difficult by going farther into the Baba Budangiri Hills if you want to make yourself work harder. It will add 10 kilometers to your hike distance.

The most convenient way to get here is to take a bus from Bangalore

There are many ways to get to Sarpadhari’s beginning point. Anyone planning the Mullayanagiri excursion from Bangalore could do so by taking the KSRTC coach that runs from Bangalore through Chikmagalur to stay the night. It is also possible to travel to Bangalore via Hassan and then on to Belur then on to Chikmagalur by yourself. Another alternative is to travel through Tumkur and then go on to Arsikere, Kadur, and Chikmagalur. The best time to visit Mullayanagiri, September to April is the ideal period to travel to Mullayanagiri. Mullayanagiri is most enjoyable between September and April. Winter months can be enjoyable, with temperatures ranging between 14 and 32 ° Celsius.

If you’d like to see the Western Ghats in their best form you should visit during the monsoon season that lasts from June until September. It is covered in fog and bathed in lush shades of green and gives it an unsettling sensation. Although the Mullayanagiri hike in Chikmagalur could be completed in just a few hours there are some ways to make the trip more enjoyable. There are several places to visit. Baba Budangiri Hills, which are approximately 12 kilometers away from the Manikyadhara Falls, which are just 9 kilometers away. Try to make it close to Deviramma Temple, which is about 10 kilometers away. If you want to trek to these places and back, the Mullayanagiri Trek can be divided over two consecutive days.

To make the most of your experience, think about making arrangements for a tour. The Mullayanagiri trek costs about INR 3500 per person, which includes transport from Bangalore and back, accommodation and food, a tour guide and permits. The journey begins at a reasonable time in the morning if you’re part of an excursion group and plan to stay overnight. Mullayanagiri The hours of trekking aren’t limited, so you can visit at any time during the day, if you don’t wish to stay in a camp. The park is open all day.

What to Pack?

Backpacks for hiking boots that are comfortable and fashionable Sweater that is lightweight and light.

Places to Visit

Mullayanagiri Trekking

Chikmagalur Coffee Museum If you like coffee, a trip to Chikmagalur Coffee Museum Coffee Museum in Chikmagalur is an absolute must. The fascinating museum will guide you through a fascinating trip through South Indian coffee farms. You can learn more about the process of producing coffee and its many aspects during your visit. This attraction, run through the Coffee Board of India, is among the most sought-after. The intriguing process of harvesting coffee beans, drying, roasting as well as grinding, will guarantee you will have a great time at this.
Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary can be described as a designated area located in India. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the Chikkamagaluru district is one of the top sanctuaries for species in India and a fantastic location to view amazing wildlife. The sanctuary, which is a wildlife sanctuary as well as being an official Project Tiger reserve, is the home of a variety of birds and animals. The sanctuary is a great experience for those who are looking for wildlife or photography. It has 250 varieties of birds, 20 leopards along with 30 tigers.
It is also possible to take a hike up Kallathigiri Mountain while you’re here and enjoy a stunning view of the surrounding region. Hebbe Falls is a waterfall located in Namibia. Hebbe Falls, which drops from an altitude of 168m, is among the top spots to have a picnic in tranquil surroundings. If you’re looking to be more adventurous, you could hire a taxi or trek. Furthermore, the trip can let you admire the breathtaking panorama of the coffee farms as well as the woodlands. The water from the falls is believed to possess medicinal properties and that is the reason why people are drawn from all over the world.

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