A Comprehensive Guide Financial Requirements For Visitor Visa 600

A Comprehensive Guide Financial Requirements For Visitor Visa 600

The Visitor Visa 600 allows an individual to stay in Australia for either three, six or twelve months. This visa is typically a temporary visa, and one can visit Australia with this visa for business, tourism purposes or visit friends/family.

This particular visitor visa in Australia is meant for international applicants who wish to visit Australia for a small period for the purposes mentioned above. They can live in Australia for some months with all the benefits covered under the visa.

Visa Requirements 

To apply for the visitor visa subclass 600, an individual must provide several documents. The documents are:

    • A digital photograph of the applicant 

    • A copy of the current passport that is valid till the duration of the visa

    • Proof of obligation to return to home country. 

    • Evidence of having enough money for spending time in Australia. The bank statement needs to show at least AUD 6,900 and all the transactions of the previous three months.

    • A letter that confirms enrolment at a school, college or university 

    • A letter from the employer that proves the current position, employment length, salary and approved leave of the applicant 

    • An explanation on the reason to visit Australia, that includes the applicant’s intentions post departing from Australia

    • Reason to lodge visa application during the stay in Australia

    • A description of various activities that one intends to undertake in the period of stay in Australia 

    • A copy of the flight ticket 

    • A letter of invitation if the applicant is going to visit a close family member in Australia 

    • Travel itinerary that covers travel arrangements and plans in Australia.

Cost Of The Visa Subclass 600

When it comes to the tourism stream of 600 visas that apply outside of Australia, the cost is AUD370, and other streams apart from this cost AUD145. But there are other extra charges as well. The other visa charges can be considered as follows: 

    • Medical examination fees: the fees have to be paid directly to the doctor who is taking the applicant’s medical examination. 

    • Police check charges: the charge needed for the police check has to be paid directly to the relevant authorities of the specific destinations in Australia. The charge also depends on the duration of stay in Australia, ranging from three to twelve months. 

Provision Of Enough Funds 

When one comes to Australia using any of the streams of the Visa Subclass 600, they have to carry enough money that can cover their expenses during their stay in Australia. If an applicant does not meet the required criteria of bank account balance, they might not be granted the visa. 

Different Streams Of Visitor Visa 600 

Regarding visa 600 in Australia, the subcategories consist of sponsored family stream, tourist stream (inside Australia), tourist stream (outside Australia), business visitor stream, frequent traveller stream and approved destination stream. 

Some information regarding each of the streams are as follows-

    • Tourism stream (inside Australia): this visa stream allows an individual to stay in Australia for the next year as a tourist or to visit friends/families other than business/medical purposes. The application charge for this stream is AUD370.

    •  Tourism stream (outside Australia): this visa stream allows one to stay in Australia for about a year as a tourist. The applicants can also visit friends or family members for reasons other than business or health. 

The application charge for this visitor visa 600 streams is AUD370. Applicants apply to this stream from outside Australia. 

    • Sponsored family stream: this stream is made for applicants sponsored by their family members, and it allows them to visit their family in Australia. This steam allows one to stay in Australia for twelve months.

The cost of this visa stream is AUD145. The immigration department of Australia could also ask the applicant to pay a security bond.

    • Business visitor stream: this visa stream allows applicants to travel to Australia for business reasons and stay there for the next three months. The cost of this visa stream is AUD145. 

    • Frequent traveller stream: this stream is intended for the citizens of China who have to travel to Australia either for business or personal requirements. The visa remains valid for the next ten years and can allow a Chinese applicant to enter Australia every three months. The cost of this visa is AUD1085. 

    • Approved destination status stream: this visa is meant for citizens from different parts of China and visits Australia on a specific trip organized by a travel agent. This visa allows them to stay in Australia till the grant letter is approved. One needs to pay AUD 145 for this visa stream. 

What To Expect From Visa 600?

Some of the advantages that this visa can offer an applicant are as follows:

    • It allows one to study and work in Australia for three months. 

    • It allows one to visit Australia for tourism, personal and business reasons. 

    • It lets an applicant work as a volunteer without being paid if the same thing is allowed in Australia. 

If an applicant wishes to study in Australia by applying to any of these streams, they need to get admitted to a three-month course. Applicants can also contact a registered migration agent to get more visas 600. 

How Do People Transfer From Visa 600 To A Student Visa? 

It may not be easy to transfer from a visitor visa to a student visa while an individual is in Australia. The transfer can only be allowed if the visa 600 lacks a ‘no further stay condition. When one moves from a visitor visa to a student visa, it increases their chances of rejection. 

    • This is due to the GTE or genuine temporary entrant. The immigration department could claim that the reasons for the student are not authentic, and this could be the reason behind the rejection of the student visa. 

    • For either scenario, an individual has to return to the home country and apply for a student visa from there. If an individual has condition 8503 linked to their 600 visa conditions, they can apply to renounce it. As per this condition, the visa holder will not have a substantive visa while they are in Australia. 

    • The department needs to be satisfied that the conditions have changed or are beyond the applicant’s control.

Besides student visa requirements, other things are also needed to be proved to the immigration department:

    • That the reason for not studying in the home country is legitimate

    • That there are enough reasons to return to the home country once the student visa has expired

    • That no problem is occurring in the home country that could prevent one from returning freely

    • Nothing in the immigration history of the individual indicates the intention of remaining in Australia 

    • That the course is relevant, legitimate and similar to the current education or employment 

    • That this course can ensure one will get employed in the future 

    • The individual is on par with the previous and current visa terms and will continue to comply with the visa rules.

One could also need to give a written statement showing GTE and addressing all the above factors. Evidence of claim is also required; a migration consultant in Perth could be helpful in these things. 

Contact A Migration Agent

If an individual wish to apply for a visitor visa, they need to have information regarding the rules and procedures for the visa in Australia. If there is a lack of time or a misunderstanding of the visa rules, one could contact a Migration Agent Perth. Due to their experience and expertise, these agents can help applicants with the 600 visa and ensure no application forms will be rejected. 



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