7 Characteristics of Well-Organized Custom Website Development

Website Development has become the need of the digital era. You can’t survive your business without having a custom website development. Online businesses have grown up so rapidly due to the pandemic situation of Coronavirus. Ecommerce Foundation Country’s report states that 88% of customers research online about a product they want to purchase. It means that this era is a great platform to switch your businesses to online platforms — eCommerce websites, online applications stores, web stores, etc. A website development company assists you to add the latest features to your app to make it successful.

In this article, you will learn the characteristics of a well-organized website development. If you want to make your website successful, keep reading this article!

Top 7 Characteristics of Custom Website Development

There are many key points to add in your website to make it more beneficial for your customers. In the latter section, you will learn some important characteristics of a website that must be considered while developing a website. So, let’s start with the first point!

  1. Take Few Seconds to Load

There are millions of websites over the internet. When a person comes to your website, you just have a few seconds to grab his attention. If you win to grab their attention, you can probably generate a lead and convert them into sales. 

According to the 15 seconds rule, if you win to keep your visitors on your website for 15 seconds, your selling chances are highly increased. If your website loads before 15 seconds, your website health is good. If the time increases, the bounce rate will also increase. 

According to SOASTA research, if a custom web development takes more than 10 seconds to load, your website bounce rate will increase up to 132%. Moreover, high bounce rates refer to the irrelevant data on your website. The Google bots will examine your website and down website rank in search engine results. 

  1. It Must be User-Friendly

A user-friendly website is one that facilitates their users to find something with ease. If you have an eCommerce website, make sure that they can find the desired product easily. In short, your website User Interface should be easy to understand for your consumers. If it is complex and your users face difficulty to interact with it, your business will be in danger. 

  1. Must be Mobile-Responsive

There are more than 4 billion mobile users in this digital world. It means that 6 out of 10 people have access to the mobile and internet. Making your website mobile responsive can generate millions of revenues for your business. When you make your website mobile responsive, the theme, images, and products are automatically adjusted to screen size. 

You must make sure that your website is properly working on tablets and mobile devices. If you don’t test it before launching, it will harm your business.

  1. Must have Optimized Content

In the digital world, content is considered as a King. A well-optimized content in your website drives your website to the top ranks in search engines. Content is not only the blog posts, images, and videos but the actual content is the information that entertains, educates, and gives benefits to your consumers/readers. So, if you want to succeed in this digital era, you need to optimize your content. 

  1. Clear CTAs

Why do you need a CTA on your website, you may want to know? This is because it has the potential to convert an unassuming site visitor into a loyal reader, paying customer, or your own “brand ambassador.” As a result, CTA buttons are an important part of your website.

But, in order to do so, you must first determine two things:

How do you want to convert a site visitor? How can you make that into an actionable button?

For instance, you might want a site visitor to purchase one of your products. You must now consider how to encapsulate that in a button.

  1. Search Engine Optimization 

Here’s the thing: it’s meaningless to create a website if you can’t make it visible online. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into effect.

SEO is the “practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.”

Simply put, it is something you must do in order for your website to appear in search engine results for keywords that are closely related to your target keywords.

For instance, suppose you sell bike parts online. SEO ensures that your website appears in Google search results when someone types in “buy bike parts online.”

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  1. Shareable on Social Media

You should know now that having a website isn’t the only way to have an online presence. Indeed, social media can help you establish your brand’s expertise and authority. It is critical that your website (and its content) be easily shareable on social media.

Firstly, it allows you to find your company online. In assertion, there is a strong correlation between social media engagement and the search engine ranking of your website.

Second, you can use social media to drive traffic to your website. Third, it reduces the daunting nature of your brand and makes it more approachable. People will be more likely to follow your brand on whatever platform you use if you know how to treat social media as a communication platform.

I hope this article will help you to add the above-mentioned features to your website. If you want to get more information about it, you can search for a best website development company for further assistance.

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