Pawna lake is one of the most fascinating lakes located about 20km from Khandala in the district of Pune, in the state of Maharashtra. It is an artificial lake that came into existence because of the Pavana dam. It is an intriguing weekend destination. There are various interesting and beautiful places and activities which can be done and explored in Pawana lake. This lake is admired by tourists as well because of the wide range of fun activities which can be done here. Some of the activities are camping, boating, stargazing, paragliding, trekking, exploring bhaja caves, etc.

Places to visit in Pawana lake:

1. Dinosaurs Amusement Park – it is a small yet entertaining park in Pawna Lake. You will find many rides, food stalls, and more. This park was established in 1994 by National Mineral Development Corporation.

2. Lohagad fort near Visapur – This fort was built during the Maratha era by a king in the forest area. Visapur is a small village in Pune. It is a famous eco-tourism attraction.

3. Dudhiware waterfall – It is a 2-tier waterfall of about 150 feet. It is a seasonal monsoonic waterfall in the village Dudhiware. It has a beautiful view.

4. Prati Pandharpur – This place offers a beautiful view as it is surrounded by many small lakes. This is a popular place and is most preferred during winters.

5. Bhaja waterfall – It is a beautiful and stunning waterfall in the village of Chinchwad, which is found in the outskirts of Pune. It can be seen from far away as it is 10 meters high.

Activities to do in Pawana Lake:

1. Paragliding – Paragliding over Pawana Lake will give you an amazing experience. It is the best way to enjoy the lake and its beauty. Enjoy paragliding in a Tandem and seat back and let your pilot take care of the ride. Tandem is a vehicle in which two people can transport. The passenger is tackled in the first rope and the pilot in another.

2. Camping – On the banks of Pawna Lake, there is an area filled with lush greeneries which offers a stunning campsite view. It is covered by western ghats, foggy hills, and green valleys. It is a great and peaceful weekend outing spot near Lonavala. In the evenings, there is a campfire where meals are prepared and people enjoy themselves together. It offers the best-suited accommodation of tents with clean pillows, blankets, and bedsheets.

3. Trekking – Pawna Lake is covered by hills and peaks, so trekking here is a great thing to do. Here are many places where you can trek, some of them are Lohagad fort, Visapur fort, Tikona fort, etc, which are famous among tourists. Trekking is one of the most famous and admired things in Pawana Lake.

4. Stargazing – Another ideal and mesmerizing thing to do in Pawna Lake is Stargazing. Who wouldn’t love to spend their night near a beautiful lake admiring the stars above with someone you love? Of course, everyone will. Pawna lake has the most engaging activity of stargazing. It is the most preferred and loved thing people do.

5. Boating – So, the best thing to do in Pawna Lake is boating. Can you believe it? Yes, boating is allowed in Pawna Lake. It is the coolest thing that Pawna offers to its travelers. The spectacular view of densely overgrown valleys, tides setting on the lake, and drifting demand will leave you awe-struck. It is a paid activity. You should try this activity if you ever visit Pawna Lake.

6. Bhaja Caves – The most exquisite thing to do in Pawna is to attend Bhaja caves. These caves are open from 8 am to 6 pm. The entry isn’t much here. Smoking is strictly prohibited in these caves. Monsoon and winter are mostly preferred to go this place, as it gives a blissful feeling to the travelers.

And so, the list never ends. Here are countless things to do. This is a must-visit place for people who want an escape from their busy lives and are looking for a peaceful weekend. You must go there and collect beautiful memories.

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