5 Reasons Why App Developers Should Partner With Copywriters For Content Marketing

5 Reasons Why App Developers Should Partner With Copywriters For Content Marketing

People like to eat, so I am opening a restaurant.

Good for you. But, are you going to make money if the food is not tasty?

Similarly, with nearly 2 million apps on Apple App Store and 3 million on Google Play Store, will your app succeed with good design but messy content?

Content marketing for an app is as essential as its design & development. At the first look, your app may seem to have an amazing user interface- high-quality images, good background, apt CTAs. But can you imagine an app with no content or bland content? Will the products sell? Hardly! A user may initially download the app but will uninstall it if the content isn’t engaging.    

An efficient mobile app development company like Rentech Digital has both app developers and efficient copywriters working for the app’s success. But, if you are trying to develop a mobile app without having any copywriters to do the content job for you, it will be a mess. Content marketing is crucial to a mobile app’s success. The app developers have to partner with copywriters to help make the mobile app unique and downloadable.  

  1. They design content strategies for you

The content you develop is crucial in grabbing the attention of the audience. Most of the users are already familiar with your brand. They have gone through the website and found it engaging enough to download the app. The app serves as a personal touch-point between the brand and the user. Putting excellent content and relaying it effectively helps you get immense benefits from the app. An enriching mobile experience includes a lot of different aspects. The target is to minimize the pinching and zooming that the app users need to do and present the content in a consumable format. Among the mobile app content strategies, some of them worth mentioning are-

  • Since it is a mobile screen, the copywriters keep the text component crisp and clear.

  • The comprehension of content on a mobile app is lower when compared to the desktop or laptop experience. Hence, the copywriters reduce unnecessary content.

  • Together with the app developers, they decide on the text that complements the visual content.

  • Developers must design the app with realistic content instead of the dummy ‘lorem ipsum’ content. It will help manage content and remove potential oversights in the design stage itself.

  • When writing content for an app, let the developers outline the limitations in the beginning. It helps the content creators to come up with well-structured content.

It is an era of instant gratification where the patience levels are low. The app users can be acquired when the content is clear and engaging. A copywriter, together with a developer, can develop quality content that fetches rewards in the form of maximum app usage.   

  1. You hire them for their experience

Imagine a product image with a ‘Buy’ CTA button and nothing on the page. Is it enough to attract and engage the user? You have to tell viewers about the product, its features, and its benefits in an engaging tone. We stress the point ‘in an engaging tone’ because it decides if the user will connect with the product to make a buy. Knowledge and experience play a decisive role in writing content that attracts the audience. We, as a reputed eCommerce app development company, make it a point to include copywriters and app developers for the client objectives discussion when developing the app. This helps the copywriters to use their expertise in creating engaging content. 

  1. It is cost-effective

A mobile app developer or designer needs to look at the big picture just as much as the app owner. A complete understanding of the process and goals is crucial to the app’s success. When an app developer works in sync with a copywriter, it saves time and reduces the hassle of project completion. When an app has good content, you don’t have to spend extra on app marketing. If you don’t have access to efficient copywriters during app development, it is good to contact a content writing agency and hire experienced copywriters to write engaging content in the app.  

  1. They make the app content-rich

Around 70% of the users get a negative perception of the app if they feel that a particular brand does not offer them value. Hence, you must pay equal significance to both the design and content. Copywriters develop content around the target audience and curate content to suit their interests, preferences, and expectations. They write content easy to consume and make the entire app usage experience enriching. Content optimization for mobiles even helps in SEO. Good content answers the queries of the users and gets better traction and app downloads. Automatically, the app gets ranked higher, and its visibility increases.   

  1. Together they make a successful mobile application

Copywriting is about making people aware of your products and services and attracting them to make the purchase. The role of a copywriter is crucial in marketing the brand through the app. A bland content to fill in the gaps in the design is not enough. The content has to attract the customers. We can consider content marketing as the mouth of the sales funnel. You make the customers aware of the products through informative content. You keep them engaged with attractive content. Thus, you open the door for leads and conversions.

Now, mobile app development leads the customers through the narrow end of the sales funnel. A customer has to be able to seamlessly add products to the cart and make the final checkout. The design and development processes should be clean, simple, and user-friendly to guide the app users. So, quintessentially, both the role of a copywriter and an app developer is vital for the app’s success.   

Bottom line

A mobile app comes together when copywriters, designers, and developers work harmoniously as a team. No role is less or more. It is contributing the best and hoping for the app to be a success.

At Rentech Digital, our mobile app development process facilitates the working of copywriters and developers as a part of the core team. If you have any requirements for mobile app development or copywriting, we would be glad to help you.    


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