2 Top-Notch Pakistani Herbal Stores for Excellent Piles Remedies and Reasons

Piles are a common problem these days. There are some common reasons behind this one which you must know to avoid it. But, if you have it, make sure that you bring the right type of herbal treatments. If you are from Pakistan and wish to get amazing results for the treatment of this issue, you must read this one. If you wish to have herbal products information for this purpose, this article will surely aid you. There will be complete detail of products for this purpose and herbal stores that can help. 

Therefore, make sure that you read the whole article for the best piles remedies. These remedies will be with herbal products that would perfectly get you out of this issue. These products can also help with blood in piles issues. And these can help if you are looking for the best medicine for piles range.

1: Ajmal.Pk for Piles Remedies:

Ajmal. Pk is the most amazing store for herbal products for all kinds of health issues. They have perfect kinds of health products that can help you with almost all kinds of health problems. Piles are among their expertise that can help you with blood in piles as well. They have natural remedies for pilesAnd their products can surely get you rid of these issues. Their products for this issue are:

  • Qurs bawaseer khas.

  • Qurs bawaseer ajmali.

  • Roghan e bawasir khas.

  • Habbe surkh bawasir. 

  • Habee muqil.

  • Itrifal muqil.

These products are amazing and relieve piles fast. These products can help reduce pain and inflammation of rectum area veins. And as you get rid of this issue, your pain goes away. There are some symptoms of piles that these medicines can reduce and alleviate, like:

  • Itching of and discomfort of rectum part.

  • They stop rectal bleeding.

  • Issues that come because of chronic constipation are alleviated.

  • Some of these medicines also are stool softeners.

When these issues are gone, keeping yourself away from the discomfort piles can create. And this makes these medicines perfect for hemorrhoid treatment that so many people need.

2: Hamdard for Piles Treatment:

If you are in search of herbal products for piles, there are some medicines from Hamdard that can help you. For this purpose, there are some products that you can use. Some of these are:

  • Hamdard hemorrhoid capsules can help in piles issues.

  • They also have medicine with the name of hanroid.

  • Another medicine from Hamdard “Kaisari”, can help you.

These products would definitely help you out with the issues of piles. If you need other medicines. There are other products that you can use for this purpose as well. you can use:

3: Allopathic Medicines:

Allopathic is the best-known school of treatment. This one can also treat so many different types of diseases and is one of the best ways. You can find many different medicines that help in the treatment of piles. For instance, if you use treatment for piles by Allopathic medicines, there are chances of improvement. There are different products in this school of treatment, like:

  • Piler.

  • Luzy.

  • Piles X.

These medicines are known for their efficacy, and you would get results when you use them. Apart from Allopathic medicines, there are homoeopathic medicines that can help as well. Among these products are:

  • R 13.

  • R 5.

  • R 192.

These medicines are quite close to having low side effects, and this makes them amazing to use. Just like herbal products, these products have very few side effects. And if you are in need of piles remedies, these medicines can definitely help. You can use them after the consultation with your doctor and this is how you can improve your health. 

4: Reasons of Piles:

There are different reasons for piles that can cause this issue. Among these are the following:

  • Pregnancy: 

For females, pregnancy can be a reason for this issue. Women with this condition may have piles. The reason behind piles during this condition is too much pressure on the rectum. When the baby grows in the womb, there is a huge amount of pressure that this area bears. This can cause piles and should be treated as soon as possible.

  • Constipation:

Constipation is the biggest reason for piles, and if you have this issue go and consult a Hakeem or a doctor. If you wish to know how to cure hemorrhoids naturally, herbal medicines are a perfect help. Therefore if you are from Pakistan and wish to get treatment, herbal medicine may be great. There are so many medicines for this issue, and you can get these issues resolved with them. 

There are medicines like husk that can help in getting rid of waste. And if you get this issue resolved, there are great chances of getting better bowel movements. These better bowel movements would help you keep constipation away. And once this issue is gone, there will be very little pain and inflammation remaining. Therefore, ensure treating it the right way and bringing a great result to your health.

If you are from Lahore, you can contact Ajmal Dawakhana for consultation from a Lahore HakeemThey can provide you with the best consultation for this issue and resolve your issue once and for all. 


Herbal products are among the best ones for piles issues. These products have amazing results with very few side effects and this is why they are preferable. You can use products from different companies. These products can make it easier for you to be healthy. And among these companies are Ajaml dawakhana, Hamdard dawakhana, and Qarshi. Herbal medicines have amazing treatments for so many issues. You can use herbal acne treatment to treatment for erectile dysfunction and even premature ejaculation. These companies have great ability and products that would definitely help you out. 

But, if you are looking to go for other types of products, there are side effects associated with them. There are different piles medicines from Allopathic and Homeopathic; there are side effects with them. So, if you are looking for health care medicines for piles, these products will surely help you out. 

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